Wesley "Laurelai" James Earl Bailey - Pedo, Tranny, Rapist, Snitch, SJWiki Founder


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Some of you may know Wesley Bailey aka Laurelai Bailey aka Raziel aka Wesley Raziel aka Laurelai Storm aka Trinity Bailey aka artixstorm aka Laina from seeing him around other lolcows or lolcow communities. This deranged pre-op tranny has been causing drama and shit-stirring in every internet community he infected with his presence for around a decade.


Real name: Wesley Bailey
DOB: January 15, 1982
Has lived in Iowa, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and wherever else a dumbass is willing to take him in.

Blog: http://laurelai.info (http://archive.md/UlD1N)
DeviantArt: http://laurelaibailey.deviantart.com/ (http://archive.md/UtmC0)
Disqus: https://disqus.com/by/facebook-771323265/ (http://archive.md/E8awX)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/laurelai.bailey (http://archive.md/uRsLO) (Since deleted, archive from 2013)
GitHub: https://github.com/Laurelai (http://archive.md/Dt3ny)
Hubski: http://hubski.com/user/Laurelai (http://archive.md/qmE6w)
Imgur: http://laurelai.imgur.com/ (http://archive.md/y0Ggq)
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurelai-bailey-5b599531 (doesn't archive)
MySpace: https://myspace.com/artixstorm (http://archive.md/O22y2)
MySpace: https://myspace.com/wesleyraziel (private)
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/artixstorm (private)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArtixStorm/ (http://archive.md/T19K1)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/laurelai_bailey (http://archive.md/pufgP)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stuxnetsource/ (http://archive.md/sCzQK) (suspended)

ED article about him: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Laurelai (http://archive.md/VOKH3)


The story of Laurelai is a tale of failure, horror, and more insane trannies than you could shake a stick at.


Before becoming an insane social justice tranny, Wesley Bailey was a Wiccan in the US Army. Wesley had a wife and children which he neglected and ultimately abandoned when he decided that the 'magick' (mental illness) he sensed within himself was telling him he was really a woman. Disturbingly, Laurelai has been said to have pimped out his wife to others in the Army before embarking on his tranny vagrant lifestyle.

Some of the earliest known antics of Laurelai involve his Raziel persona, which was active around 2008. As Raziel, Laurelai claimed to be the incarnation of the angel Raziel and was a devoted Wiccan and believer in magick. He was a 'reverend' of something called the Temple of the Divine Lotus and was said to have been teaching others the "true nature of magick" for most of his life. Laurelai would often claim to be capable of "hexing" people over the internet. Raziel claimed to have self-diagnosed PTSD, a phenomenon that has become all too common with the delusional Tumblrites and trannies of today.

Laurelai moved on from Wicca and became involved with Chanology (Anonymous' fight against Scientology), hosting his own Chanology forum called Sci-Ex. Still using the Raziel persona, Laurelai began shit-stirring and ended up in a battle with 711chan, who was a participant in the Chanology antics. Laurelai tried to get 711chan taken down by reporting them to their host and bragged about it on Sci-Ex. Laurelai's attack on 711chan ultimately failed, but he infested the Chanology community for a few more years until it died down. Years later, Laurelai would brag about his involvement with Chanology despite doing nothing of worth.

Laurelai has also infected the Black Hat hacker scene and ran something called Black Hat Academy. He was a hanger-on of Sabu's Gn0sis group, and when LulzSec sprung up in 2011 Laurelai desperately sought to insert himself into it and be a l337 h4x0r. Around this time he had befriended fellow internet tranny kayla. Laurelai's involvement with LulzSec - which was to say hanging on to their coattails, leaking their logs (in "retaliation" for them mocking his friends), and generally pissing them off - led to the FBI raiding Laurelai for information on the LulzSec members. Laurelai promptly gave them everything he had on LulzSec. Laurelai would brag that he took down LulzSec, and threw tantrums when it was proved he didn't. As an added bonus, Laurelai lost his job in tech support after Anonymous members leaked logs that portrayed Laurelai as a LulzSec member.


Reddit became one of Laurelai's fixations post-Chanology and he soon became infamous for being a crazier-than-a-shithouse-rat tranny that caused endless drama. Since he had nothing but spare time, he shitposted enough and built up connections to start being made a moderator in numerous subreddits. He was even a mod in /r/anonymous, a fact he tried to cover up when it was pointed out how retarded it was to have a known snitch as a mod.

One infamous incident involved Laurelai stalking and harassing a doctor and telling his neighbors he was a pedophile. This was done because Laurelai had been fooled into thinking this doctor was someone she was in an internet feud with.

Laurelai was also embroiled in a reddit tranny war that resulted in him stepping down as moderator of /r/lgbt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.

Eventually Laurelai was cast out of the lunatic SJW hive that is the 'ShitRedditSays' community after he doxed a 16 year old girl after she complained to the SRS mods that he had been "creeping" on her. He deleted his main account and his many sockpuppet accounts but is likely still on reddit using more socks.

Sometime after Wesley decided that he was really a she and started calling himself Laurelai he began to mooch off random idiots he knew from the internet who believed his bullshit sob stories and let him stay in their homes, sometimes paying hundreds to a thousand dollars for the 'priveledge' of driving to Iowa or buying a plane ticket to bring this nutjob to them. The tranny rat king phenomena was alive and well as Laurelai managed to befriend and piss off numerous people just as batshit as he is.

Some of the first naive people to take him in were running an IRC network called Tsukihi, a network that Laurelai would try to destroy. As with all the cases of Livin' With Laurelai, he was an insufferable, lazy piece of refuse who did nothing but whine and sit on the computer, bitched about being asked to babysit their son, and constantly accused his gracious hosts of being transphobic. Laurelai was eventually kicked out after allegedly letting in a thief who stole an iPad from the son. Laurelai then proceeded to attack them on the internet and cast himself as a victim, claiming they had been trying to "poison" him with food he is supposedly allergic to. There was also drama over a $500 donation some rube gave to Tsukihi. Laurelai claimed Deviance, the man who's home he was living in, pocketed it all. Deviance explained that any leftover money after server bills was used to help them support the leeching Laurelai.

Nearly everyone who has had any experience with Laurelai in real life has been treated like shit and their life turned to hell by his presence. Even after they had rid themselves of this leech, Laurelai would usually try to fuck them over some more and get "revenge." Some of these idiots even paid money to buy him laptops in addition to whatever was spent to "relocate" and support this tranny freak.

As you can see in the last tale of horror that is Livin' With Laurelai, he accused his host (Zombie) of raping him. When Zombie found out on an IRC and objected, Laurelai banned him from the channel and claimed Zombie totally raped him and threatened him with a knife.






To further cement his status as a worthless piece of crap, Laurelai also used these rape accusations to justify cheating someone out of money he had borrowed.

With his reputation in shambles after years of being a tranny sperg and then snitching to the FBI, Laurelai needed a new community to infect and he found he was welcomed in by the mincing social justice spergs, in spite of his wretched past. After growing dissatisfied with the RationalWiki hugbox, Laurelai found some like-minded psychopaths and created SJWiki to provide a hugbox from which to sneer and shake their fists at all their oppressors.

As with most lolcows, Laurelai thinks sites that mock people like him are gross and problematic. He even has an interest in the Farms, we'll cover that in a bit.


Laurelai also got involved with Gamergate, as he was the one who created the child porn board on 8chan which he then sent to Dan Olson (aka FoldableHuman) to make the hit piece about 8chan. Gamergaters saw through the ruse but even to this day the anti-Gamergate spergs love to bring up Olson's article, conveniently leaving out that Laurelai was responsible.



In January 2015, a woman named Zoey Wolfe found the courage to stand up for herself and told her story about Livin' With Laurelai, a massive misjudgment of character which had resulted in Zoey being raped and abused. Others began to come forward and admitted Laurelai had raped, molested, or abused them as well and intimidated them into silence with threats. Laurelai's response to her crimes against brave Zoey and the others being revealed included denial, deception, tantrums, and then a faked suicide.



With the courageous Zoey Wolfe leading the way like a true Ranger, more victims felt free to speak out. A tranny reddit moderator even hijacked a subreddit to tell the story about the time Laurelai tried to force the mod into using his "girlcock" on Laurelai.





With hate for Laurelai reaching an all time high after these and other revelations were made (such as stories about Laurelai planting child porn on someone's computer and getting him arrested or trashing someone's home), he decided he should pretend to have killed himself.


This ruse lasted not even two days before it was discovered to be, like Laurelai himself, full of shit. He began burning as much of his web presence as he could and, as rumor has it, he made sock accounts to send death threats to his victims who had spoke up about him raping and abusing them. He eventually resurfaced months later and tried to act like nothing had happened.

As with the Anonymous legion he so desperately wanted to be part of, Laurelei is not one to forgive nor forget. It has been over a year since Zoey revealed the abuse and rape Laurelai had subjected her to. Laurelai has been trying to stalk poor Zoey all across the internet, even if it means looking at toxic websites like KiwiFarms. Just this week, Laurelai chimped out on Twitter after his malevolent stalking of Zoey led him to KiwiFarms and he began doxing Zoey.

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TERFs love him!


Laurelai's anti-troll tips:

  1. It costs them time and energy too. Act accordingly. You can outlast them, dig deep.
  2. They dont want a reaction, they want you to run away. Dont. Ever.
  3. They may escalate in numbers, but if you persist you can outlast all of them. This may even take years.
  4. Mock their poor spelling and grammar. This is actually really fucking annoying to everyone. So its effective.
  5. Ignore people who say dont feed the trolls, they are just troll enablers.
  6. Google is your friend, so is being prepared with information
  7. Keep moral superiority, dont dox or use hate speech, bystanders will be more likely to side with you
  8. Think out your responses before you post them. Double check what you are saying.
  9. They want you to panic and act on their timetable, dont, act on yours
  10. They want your silence, figure out why. Then exploit that.
  11. The troll is human too, they have feelings that can be hurt, even if they pretend otherwise
  12. Most of them are male, single, undatable and in their early 20s or late teens
  13. Mock them for their inability to make you go away, this makes them angry, anger means mistakes
  14. Most online threats of physical harm have zero chance of happening, dont be intimidated.
  15. Learn to not care if people post your personal information. Trust me this will save you stress.
  16. If they want your personal information, they will find it. You cant hide it well enough.
  17. Practice debating on climate deniers and anti vaxxers, if you can wade through that trolls are easy.
  18. Meditation is useful as a tool to stay centered, try taking it up, it does help you stay calm
  19. Most of these guys arent to clever, take advantage of this.
  20. Take any chance you can get to turn what they are doing into a joke, sarcasm, mocking, being a smartass. Laugh at them.
  21. Point out the ridiculousness. Deflate their egos. Point out the emperor has no clothes.
  22. If they try to mock your perceived flaws, openly take pride in them in response.
  23. Reaction gifs are your friend.
  24. Dont be afraid to ask for backup from your friends.
  25. Talk down to them , or patronize them. They hate that.
  26. They act with a sense of entitlement, dont give them what they want. This will enrage them.
  27. Never click on any of their links.
  28. Url unshorteners are also useful
  29. If outnumbered by trolls, pick on the one who looks like the leader, and ignore the others.
  30. Call out their hate speech, bystanders will be more likely to side against them
  31. If you see someone being picked on by a troll, jump in and fight the troll, this wins you friends and allies next time
  32. Responding to everything they say with the exact same line over and over again will drive them up the wall.
  33. On twitter, block them then open their profile i a new tab, then keep messing with them
  34. Trolls may attempt to cause division by falsified screenshots making your friends look bad, just dont believe them by default
  35. If they escalate to cyber attacks (ddos hacking ect) they are damning themselves to a visit from the partyvan
  36. Trolls often organize on irc channels and imageboards, you should find organization channels for your allies to use too
  37. If they are pseudo anonymous mock them for cowardice, if not mock them for childishness
  38. Always deny that you called in for backup from your back channel organization , make it feel like a viral response
  39. Former trolls make the best anti-trolls. Make sure to have a few in your ranks.
  40. If you are angry, laugh at them instead.
  41. A lot of trolls will use alcohol or other substances to numb them, this will also make them vulnerable in other ways
  42. Organized mocking of trolls works. Imagine one troll pounced on by 10 people at once. They are cowards after all
  43. if you need free backup, let me know. I live for this shit.
  44. Use in jokes and obscure references they won't understand to make fun of them with, then mock them for not getting it
  45. No really invite me into the fight, the majority of the hate will get sent to me like a lightning rod
  46. Looping your favorite songs during the engagement will help you stay centered
  47. Let them know how much you feel sorry for them, pity hurts.

He also tried to launch a tranny crusade against /pol/ and 4chan.

The 4chans sub board known as /pol/ (a well known ultra right reactionary sub board) has publicly and outright stated plans to drive transgender people (particularly trans women) to suicide and stated we should be “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”.
They have also made indications they aim to align with trans exclusionary radical feminists.
I call upon all of you to send emails to 4chans owner and operator Christopher Poole (aka moot) to shut down the sub board /pol/ and deny this hate group a platform.
Email template for those who need one.

To: moot@4chan.org
Dear Mr. Poole.
We as members of the transgender community implore you to shut down the 4chan board known as /pol/
As enclosed in this screen shot http://i.imgur.com/k91LSJI.jpg you can see they are using your platform to plan “genocide” against transgender people, who already have a very high rate of suicide attempts. They plan to incite vulnerable transgender people to end their lives, and have outright stated and end goal to see us “rounded up and slaughtered like cattle”. They are using your platform to organize an intended lethal attacks against our vulnerable community.
In light of the incident of David Kalac we take these threats very seriously.
We know you don’t wish the extermination of transgender people and we therefore ask you to demonstrate this by denying this hate group a platform.
[your name]

I implore each and every one of you to send an email, share this post, write your own articles and contact your allies to aid in this.
Together we can survive.
Together we can thrive.
Together we can stop hate.
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Before becoming an insane social justice tranny, Wesley Bailey was a Wiccan in the US Army. Wesley had a wife and children which he neglected and ultimately abandoned when he decided that the 'magick' (mental illness) he sensed within himself was telling him he was really a woman. Disturbingly, Laurelai has been said to have pimped out his wife to others in the Army before embarking on his tranny vagrant lifestyle.
Why do these special snowflake trannies join the military to begin with? Do they not realize that being a soldier is about responsibility, discipline and all the other problematic things of western society


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Dec 22, 2015
@Dynastia vs. @Typhoid Mary

One a retarded shitposter, the other a retarded tranny fucker

Who will win this autistic brawl? The spectators, of course!
It's like Alien vs. Predator:
Whoever wins, we still lose (:_(
Back when a moderator drama happened and people requested one of the mods at r/Transgender to step down, a user named "stuxnetsource" showed support for kicking the mod. It went down as well as you can expect. (https://www.reddit.com/r/redditrequ...ing_control_of_rtransgender/c3jpis2?context=3)

Twitter link:

And here's Wesley still butthurt over Zoey:
How stupid does she have to believe other people are to expect them to believe "see I'm not a sock for that person you just banned, even tho this username leads to a twitter that is titled w/ their name and I'm the only person here echoing her opinions"?

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