Wesley "Laurelai" James Earl Bailey - Pedo, Tranny, Rapist, Snitch, SJWiki Founder

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Sugar Cubes
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Wesley is still crying over the election.
Crossover. A troon went on a screaming "rampage" after his PC build failed and started smashing his computer and allegedly had to go get stiches. Wesley tried to intervene after the troon posted suicide bait and got told to fuck off.
"You stupid fucks ignoring anything i say is finally gonna get someone killed if you dont fucking knock it off and help her right now."


All-around bad person
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If a computer failing make her fly into a psychotic rage, she had other issues in life. But it's a lie that people who really want to kill themselves don't announce it. Some do, so others know they're gone. You know Wes is going to try to spin this as him saving her life, even though the people who had her account said the neighbors called the cops when they heard her breaking down.

Sylvie Paula Paula

Running at 500 "bi"s per minute
I like how when the people in charge of Revan's account said she was okay and other people started tweeting about what happened, Laurelai had to start making it about herself and how Revan "hates" her now for trying to "save her life" (aka aggravating someone who's having a psychotic breakdown). It's sort of shocking Laurelai still has a social circle in the first place, despite being absolutely unbearable.


is German for "ya BASIC"
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Someone ask this fucking guy about his abused wife and the four kids he left behind to go trooning.

Francis York Morgan

FBI Special Agent
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What country do they think is going to be so much better for troons than the US?

But seriously, when most troons are screaming about this mythical troon paradise it's usually Canada. If they are even thinking of a particular country to begin with. Mostly they just want to be angry and wallow in their mental illnesses.

Dr. Boe Jangles Esq.

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This is your Saturday Reminder that Wesley is a cringey edgelord:



Okay, 2 things:
-Wise of her to advocate cannibalism early, since her proposed system of government tends to end up leading to that kind of thing once the famines and food shortages set in.

-If you're going to make a fake recipe, try not to showcase what an awful cook you are. Olive oil has a low smoke point and is unsuited to this task, you need more than just carrots and onions to make a decent roast (needs celery and perhaps some nice red potatoes), and red wine is too rich a broth for all but the heartiest of beef. Human flesh is said to taste like pork, would recommend a white.

I can tolerate her being a fucking psycho with insane violent fantasies, that's par for the course, but there's no excuse for bad food, dear.


Sugar Cubes
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Mary Tyler Meltdown

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It is not your fucking business how white women vote; it is not your fucking business how anyone else vote.

He still wants to rape and murder women. Literally.
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Naturally Wesley is discussing beating and drugging women. I would be surprised except that it's Wesley and being a violent angry misogynist is his thing.

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