Wesley "Laurelai" James Earl Bailey - Pedo, Tranny, Rapist, Snitch, SJWiki Founder


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So she's clearly talking about the rape accusations there and conveniently neglecting to mention that those accusations were made by other trans women.

Also who claims to have known Wesley IRL since 2004 knew him through the period of his marriage and when he was Reverend Moonbat. If they're "vouching" for him after all that, they probably deserve their own thread.
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"No im gonna talk to some people who are friends with the admins"
"did they let you back in yet?"


Wesley's starting to sound like Chloe. And it's beautiful.

And it's absolutely correct that Manning was a young *man* looking for meaning in his life at the time he leaked shit. Maybe he has now found that by trooning out, but you don't get to claim that he was a young wymyn at the time it happened. That's like claiming Bruce Jenner was famous female athlete.
You could make up the stupidest shit regarding trannies and someone will already have said it lol


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Wesley says he dindu nuffin.
He was sitting back there behind the tranny having sex fumbling with the junk of the tranny being raped. I mean I guess he's technically right and might just be rape-complicit, but that doesn't change the person was completely fucking smashed and no one else was. It also doesn't change that they were living in Laurelai's house, which he let a bunch of people live in, and apparently collected rent in the form of sex videos he secretly published on the Internet.

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troof hurts


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Their Facebook is a goldmine of Internet tough guy-ism.
Dec 9 at 2313:
"I know a lot about the trans community and i pretty much know where all the bodies are buried (some quite literally). This post is public. So you asshats will see it. Do not. Fuck. With. Me."
Occasionally I see their posts on science pages and whatnot, but it doesn't seem too many people actually know anything about Wesley.

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