Artcow Weston Sharpensteen / KaBlamBandicoot64 / Weenage Robot / AnimaniacsFan13 / KB Bandicoot - Toon Sperglord Who A-Logs Mr. Enter, Makes Shitty Art, and Unfunny Commentaries

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I haven't really seen any mentions of this guy on the Farms yet, but considering there are threads out there that involve Mr. Enter and anyone that has to do with him, I might as well give it a go:

Meet KaBlamBandicoot64, also known as Weston Sharpensteen (the first name kinda rings a bell to a certain other lolcow). He is considered Mr. Enter's "A-Log": that is, he tries too hard to be not like him, wishes that he would die or something horrible would happen to him, tries too hard to be better, has a fixation on the show "My Life as a Teenage Robot", makes excruciatingly bad commentaries on Mr. Enter (and other lolcows as well as cartoons), and has a bad time with handling criticism. And like A-Log, every attempt at trying too hard and acting like a manchild ironically ends up making him a lot similar to Mr. Enter himself. Yes, the parallels are that uncanny. Oh, and he has an ED page too:

The featured video on his Dailymotion is enough to get started:
Even though there are only 3 videos on his DM account, the rabbit hole gets deeper, as he has a YouTube account (again, like A-Log and other lolcows) with shitloads of videos:

Most of his videos are about his favorite cartoons, unfunny commentaries about lolcows, and thoughts about random things. Among all the videos on his channel, he has a series known as "BandiMunchies", which is a stupid ripoff of "DSP Tries It", where he eats random food:

He fucking tried toothpaste in one video:

While A-Log's "talent" consists of shitty stand-up comedy and equally horrible voice acting, KaBlam's main "talent" comes from drawing and posting on DeviantArt, which is all found here: Here's a few creations from the next Mike Judge:


Unsurprisingly, his art is shit. And speaking of DeviantArt, here's some gems I found in the main comment section:



Of course, his YouTube videos feature his shitty drawings and "animations":

As for his MLaaTR obsession, he has a Tumblr account ( claiming that he is a "staff writer" for a fan reboot. Not to mention that he has a profile pic of Jenny on his Google+ account ( Like his videos and DA journals, both Tumblr and Google accounts are full of commentaries and unfunny memes.

Also, he has a Twitter account which has the same kind of shit:

From his FB page ( Born in October of 1999, Wes Sharpensteen is an aspiring cartoonist. He is a staff writer on the upcoming My Life As A Teenage Robot Rebooted, a fan made web series based on the original Nickelodeon hit. He also owns pretty much every game system, from NES and Atari 7800 to Wii U and PS4.

Apparently, he had a job at Sonic for only 5 months last year, almost like Chris working for a brief time at Wendy's. Aside from that, he is one of those "nostalgic 90s" spergs who "remembers" old cartoons and video games even though he was born in 1999. Again, trying too hard.

Last but not least, he had an Instagram account known as "Weenage Robot" (named after his Tumblr account), but it was deleted.

To sum it all up, what we have here is a Generation Z A-Logger who shares not only traits with A-Log, but with other familiar lolcows...except worse in every sphere imaginable.
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Ignoring the fact that Mr Enter related content is basically banned on the Farms, this guy is also underage and there's a strict rule about making underage people LOLcows.

A lot of people, probably even a good portion of us here, did dumb, unfunny things when they were in their mid teens. If you're looking to give us new Cows give us one that's funny
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