Business WeWork lays off 2,400 employees -

What kind of jobs did people have where a setting like that even works? My job isn't the most difficult or tricky one in the world, but even then I still need to concentrate. Beer, yoga, and laundry are the opposite of focusing. Why not add an obstacle course between the cubicals as well? Was it all clickbait journos or something?
So I have this analogy that I think fits. A lot of the time, people will associate the quality of a musician with the drugs they did. But, it seems to me like drugs usually correlate with a musician getting worse. So, it seems like the musician would have been better if they hadn't done drugs at all. They may have been good, but how much better could they have been?

Similarly, back when the tech industry was really booming, other industries looked at their wild success and their ball pits and all that and assumed that the useless bullshit (drugs) were helping them make crazy profits. What they didn't realize was that the useless bullshit was just pulling down the tech companies the whole time, and it was being a new industry (being a good musician) that made them grow so fast.

Theranos? From what I understand if it worked it would have actually been game changing. The problem is that it didn't work, or actually exist at all. A minor detail.
There's a lot of stupid ideas out there, and sometimes it helps to think about "What I need to know to realize that won't work."

The EM-Drive: "Conservation of momentum is not a friendly suggestion."

The Water Seer: Thunderf00t-style back of the envelope calculations show the concept is dubious at best. Maybe bury a plastic drum to experiment.

Theranos: Phosphorous assay from a finger prick? Do you even hemolysis, you dumbass?

Offhand, I'd say that I'd expect an experienced clinician to realize that Theranos was dubious, but that's asking a lot from an average guy.


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Is PodShare living going to fail next? $1000 a month to live in the open with various strangers, as if living in army barracks.
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it just goes on and on and on and on...
The whole bit about "mandatory fun" on Mondays or the summer camp would have me noping out of there. I hated mandatory fun in the military, fuck any civilian job that tries to impose it. Now if a company said "hey thanks for working on project whatthefuck, we're taking the people who worked on that out to dinner are you interested?" that's one thing.

But bracelets that are scanned periodically to make sure you are still attending the cult get together? Fuck right off, even the military just took initial attendance.


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Is PodShare living going to fail next? $1000 a month to live in the open with various strangers, as if living in army barracks.
Living in Army Barracks can be fucking awesome. Rent, food utilities, all covered (and theres free PT) your pay cheque is basically 100% disposable income. If you blow it on Millionaires weekend you can just drink in the block for the rest of the month. You can have an awesome lifestyle in the military.

The people occupying those pods are going to be precious little flowers, many will never have learned how to live communally, how to get on with people you wouldn't be able to stand normally. How to organise their living space so it's not a chaotic mess.

If of rather when those pods become hellholes, it'll be more because of the people occupying them than the design itself.

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So it appears that WeWork is doing okay in Japan, it might not be over for them.
So they're telling us that they're doing okay in the country that their major investor is based in, a company and manager that NEEDS to save face on this shitshow... And this can be replicated elsewhere? Douuuubt.

As the article says: "Moreover, SoftBank itself has been a big contributor to that high level of occupancy."

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What exactly is that?

The Current Year over-saturated tech, smartphone zombie, IOT, social media addict phenomenon?
Fundamentally it's the belief that miraculous technological advancements will enable unlimited state welfare and solve all economic and social issues. Narcissistic Silicon Valley assholes are hungry to be the ones who run this imagined technocratic empire and NEET dipshits are universally excited by the suggestion of being cared for in perpetuity, either by robots or the state, and so it has widespread traction across internet discourse.

Adam Neumann is a outrageously comical example of the former as he desperately believed that WeWork was his gateway to being a god-king of unimaginable power and influence.

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