Whale Wars - tracking (and memeing) a certain pod of twitter attention whores


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Why not just post tweets in this thread? It's pretty much for documenting whale migrations, what's one more sperg whale?
Well animat is a cartoon sperg (who I actually think is worse than enter since at least John doesn't have TDS and has enough sense not to strip fucking naked for his reviews) and is also probably a sexual degenerate shows which places him a few rungs higher (or lower depending on how you look at it) on the lolcow hierarchy than most of these whales


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Emmett Plant wrote another article.
He's just like Toye.
"I don't think you are malicious, Vic"
"Stop listening to your lawyer and Nick! Listen to us! You are destroying your reputation and what's left of your career by listening to them!"
Bitch, you threw kindle into the burning bonfire that KickVic lit.
Don't act innocent. You sent an affidavit to bury Vic, cretin.
You're not fooling anyone. Your words speaking of self-reflectance are laced with the venom of deceit.