What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?

Basil Julep

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May 20, 2021
You have an anxiety disorder and it's legit super treatable so don't put off dealing with it. Learn to drive now--don't wait forever on that. And it is very important is to have little patience for the mentally ill. You can't afford to deal with that shit. Leftists skew mentally ill so stay away from deep blue areas.


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Dec 4, 2018
Give up your career path, you aren’t right for it. Go into programming.

Get into therapy as soon as you can; feeling and thinking the way you do is neither normal nor healthy. It will only get worse if you don’t.

Never stop writing or reading.

You’re going to meet a person in college. You will want to date them. Don’t.

Don’t date the people you meet in high school, either. Don’t even start until you’re been in therapy for a few years.

Your impression of drugs is based on nothing and you’re ignorant. Loosen up.

Don’t sign up for Facebook. I don’t care how much everyone wants you to.

Video games are fun but don’t let them become a habit you do just because you have free time.

People in positions of authority are not only fallible but very possibly don’t deserve to be where they are. Their decisions are not absolute nor are they de facto correct.

You are extremely mentally ill. You allow people to take advantage of you as well as intentionally fuck yourself up and you don’t even fully realize it. You will not succeed at anything until you begin to reverse this.

Shit jobs are just that. You are inclined to put your entire effort into whatever bullshit you’re doing for money. There is a difference between a job and a career. Stop stressing yourself out over washing dishes and thawing bagels. Learn to tell a shitty boss to go fuck themselves.

Above all: everyone is suffering, everywhere, all the time. You’re not special, but you’re also not alone. You already know how to empathize and be humane. If you hold on to anything, hold on to that.


Oct 4, 2020
1. Listen to your dad, he knows what he's talking about.

2. Don't sperg out and do overly emotional things in the heat of the moment.

3. Pick up another instrument.

4. Be more assertive. Sometimes you need to be a bit of an asshole.

5. You end up liking this guy. Don't chase after him. He's a dangerous person. Spoiler, he and his friends wind up in jail.

6. The only person you can control is yourself. Don't worry so much about other people. Just focus on bettering yourself.


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Jun 28, 2021
Future-based investment info aside, I'd be sure to advize myself to take care of my health and take opportunities as they come instead of being retraded about it.

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Apr 17, 2017
1 - go to therapy and get on some sort of medication asap. things don’t just get magically better as you get older, in fact you’ll find that less people care.

2 - try harder in college and don’t drop out. take programming courses and stick with them and don’t take out any loans just because someone tells you to. it’s going to fuck you over in the future when you’re broke and can’t afford to pay them back.

3 - make more friends and get closer with other people in your family. you’re going to be homeless a lot starting in 3 years and it’s going to persist for at least 7 more after that. do your best to build a large support system with people who love you and are willing to help you out. you’re going to die alone if you stay aloof your whole life.


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Jul 19, 2019
None of those boys are worth it.

Study and do your fucking homework you sped. This will especially fuck you over in math. You go on to take calculus and you get a B, but only after years of making yourself miserable. Seriously, two hours a day of work would get you A's or B's in everything and you could get the fuck out of your house before everything goes to shit.

Stay out of the assistant principal's office; she is a first order cunt and will fuck you over.

If you think someone is cool, make friends with them.

I know you're a girl but Gabe deserves an ass-kicking and you can take him. I know this is a violation of what you said above but you will be a fucking legend.

Your uncle is from hell and so is his wife.

Be less autistic with your clothing choices.

When you get to college, get some focus and again, study and do your fucking homework you sped. You know what you generally want to study so don't fuck around with shit you don't need.

Occasionally shut the hell up.

You're not fat and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially your grandma.


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Jul 18, 2021
Start learning digital art and 3d modeling ASAP.

Oh and push for that game dev education. Yes it will be expensive but worth every damn coin, else you're fucked and unwanted anywhere.
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Jun 13, 2016
Stop being a scared faggot about every choice you make and just fucking make one. A choice is better than none at all.

Also pick up some weights NOW and don't wait until you're already an adult to make a physical change you fucking sped

Oh and don't date that bitch you like now. Its not going to end well. Infact don't even date half of them. None of them end well. Just smash and dash if you must. These girls literally don't matter, and no you don't "love" them. Wait until you're an adult to get serious.

Buy a shit ton of Bitcoin, buy a shit ton of GME until it squeezes (look it up kid), and finally when you hear of something called SHIBA buy it at its cheapest price with all of that money you made from the first two and wait for the first large rip and jump.

Stop being the lazy intellectual at school. Just because you're usually academically smart gives you literally no excuse to be a lazy fuck. Seriously even if you never go to college (you will) its far better to have an almost perfect GPA than a subpar one just incase.

You will have a chance to get your dream career. You can very easily fuck it up. If you feel like shit is getting fucked LISTEN TO YOURSELF and stop what you're doing. This ties into the first point

That's about it tbh.
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Oct 17, 2021
Stop being a lazy fuck and get off your ass. Try and exercise, just cause you're a scrawny, thin bastard doesn't mean that exercise won't help with that, and complaining about being a weak shit is fucking exceptional. Fix it, shitass.

Force yourself to eat better, you might be a picky bitch but eating ramen and chicken nuggets is horrendous for your health even if you won't get fat from it. Eat more meat and veggies or whatever cause while that stuff tastes like garbage to your defective taste buds, you need to eat something better than actual garbage. You'll love olives and pepperoncinis so try those instead of junk food.

Stop comparing yourself to other people, You might not be the best or the smartest, you might not understand things and be stuck out of the loop often, but you're self-aware of your faults, and honestly that's one of the best things to be cause you can learn from your mistakes. Do so.

Most importantly, try to help your friend more. Maybe, if you start soon enough, you can stop him from making decisions he'll likely regret. If he still decides to become trans, immediately throw all your feelings towards him in the dumpster and throw said dumpster into the sun. He has a girlfriend so do it regardless, but do it even harder if he becomes trans.

Also stop jerking off so much you damn coomer, go onto this site called Kiwifarms instead. That, and play Dragalia Lost sooner, it's somehow not completely terrible despite being a gacha and you'll have the storage space for it if you stop being a horny fuck

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Aug 31, 2016
Don't go to college unless you want to get about 10k for doing absolutely nothing. Don't go for worthless entry-level seasonal/part-time jobs. Eat more and work out. You know you can't do anything outside, so apply to every remote job you can find until you land one and start being a semi-NEET. Everything you think and feel about your family can be regarded after you're away. Whatever happens happens in that regard.

Stop thinking less of yourself. In the end, you're the only person you could ever rely on. You know this, as I did, but don't blame yourself for that. The world is what it is. Do what you have to do. Don't get stuck though.