What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?


Yeah, I'm trad: Terribly Retarded And Dumb
Mar 5, 2021
1. Pick a career and go with it. Don't be paralyzed with choice.

2. Try not to speak unless spoken to. Avoid over-sharing.

3. Don't pursue women who aren't interested. Either you vibe or you don't. (I'm still working on that one.)

Some Badger

May 14, 2021
1. Don't abandon your middle school dreams: go to art school for animation. However, to save yourself a crippling amount of debt that no elected official will ever waiver, get your course requirements out of the way at a community college close to home and transfer immediately.
1a. When you get to that art school (if they even accept you to begin with), guard your ideals with your life. Lefties everywhere, be they teachers or fellow students, will try to shame and demean you. You'll learn in like 6 months that your views do not reflect the majority of kids in your environment at all, so prepare for the worst.

2. Don't be vocal about your low self-esteem. It will enable your insecurities and you won't be willing to take risks. It'll never help you get laid either.

3. Recognize that you have an envy problem. Don't let it control you, and don't let it discourage you from posting art.



Jan 15, 2020
Stop being a pussy and kick away the stool. It won't really hurt, you'll lose consciousness in less than a minute and you'll save yourself decades of pain.


Dec 27, 2020
Smoking is wonderful and absolutely makes you feel cooler. Also, don’t overstretch and fuck up your left knee dumbass, and get fit.


delete your twitter.
Mar 1, 2019
Just chill, things will work out.
You turn out all right, don't listen to them.

Over Granfalloons

Dec 6, 2021
1. Emotional apathy is good actually and will help you go through a lot of unnecessary nonsense without suffering too much. Buy a good pair of headphones and don't give up on drawing and writing.

2. Don't go to college because you will regret it tremendously. Save your money and go to a Technical School instead.

3. Exercise is good for you so find a sport you like and start practicing it. Stop being such a sedentary sad brain. Don't delay talking to a mental health professional.

4. There's a thing called Bitcoin...give it a look on the web. It will be a big deal in a few years.

5. Learn to code as soon as possible scrub. Same goes for electronics and woodworking.

6. Unironically live up the intellectual lifestyle you always dreamed of. Go ahead and be a polyglot with a hundred different hobbies like you wanted to. The internet is right there at your fingertips and you should use it to learn as much as possible.

7. The best thing you can do in life is to live up to your beliefs and always try to be a better version of yourself. Learn from your mistakes but don't torture yourself over it. Pick yourself up and move forward. You can do it, kid.

Dr. Octogonapus

cock sucker extraordinaire
Jun 30, 2019
Invest in bitcoin.

Edit: dang everyone else made the same joke that I saw on Tumblr 6 years ago.

Synthetic Smug

True & Honest Fan
Dec 16, 2019
It's not because you can't understand math, it's because your teacher is a creepy closet case trying to hide it with quasi religious posturing.

That girl you're crushing on so hard looks like David the Gnome. There are nice racks everywhere.

You probably are better than most of them, but it helps nobody to remind them of that.


Jun 2, 2020
please stop trying to make everyone happy :( you'll still deal with it for years to come and it'll ruin your life and all your relationships bc now you will seek perfection out of everything and you'll never get it.

also don't be so depressed go find something to do lol.