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Medium is a bitch to load. They have fake blurry images that are supposed to be teasers until the real image loads, it's really just obnoxious. The whole sites loads for shit.
Even more obnoxious is the popup that prompts you to make a Medium account if you're logged in on a Google device. The site takes so fucking long to load that the popup doesn't appear at first, so you go to scroll down and you end up accidentally clicking it and creating an account by mistake.

The solution I've found is to just not read Medium.
I hate the way people write these days. It's so quipy. Every sentence, a new p tag.

Examples of the geniuses on medium include
Medium must be another example of how if people don't keep talking their heads explode. Medium would have you believe that it also applies to writing. Medium really should just become a circular filing cabinet so it can shield the world from the exceptional individuals who write on it.

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