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I restart sentences when I'm several words into them and repeat phrases mid-sentence to the point that I can't understand what I've said well before I finish speaking. It makes talking to people IRL frustrating and speaking under pressure virtually impossible.

Very late ETA: What makes this especially annoying is that it's an issue until I have to speak about something extremely specific, where I'll instead ramble on indefinitely unless I'm stopped.
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I talk to myself to remember what the hell I'm doing or to keep track of steps in a process, drives other people crazy so I'm careful not to do it in their presence. I still say "what the hell was I doing?" and "where the hell is my pen?" at least twice a day.

This annoys me more than anyone else but I'm a terrible skin-picker. I've gotten better in recent years but I'll unconciously pick at my fingers without realizing. It gets really bad if I'm nervous or stressed about something. I had a shitty class a few years back that stressed me so much I had to put band-aids on my thumbs so I wouldn't keep destroying them. I just use a skin salve on my fingers each night to help heal them and keep them less dry.
I think my most annoying habit is venting to my best friend about the latest exceptional thing a family member did. I can do it for an hour straight until I cool off a bit and say "...well, that's all. Sorry for venting too much."
"No problem", he replies.
A minute or so passes.
And then I say "...but you know what really grinds my gears?" and start venting again about the same shit (just a few minutes, but still...). I'm not proud of this but I'm doing better. And yes, I live with a saint.
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If I'm standing somewhere for a while, I start to fidget or to rock back and forth slightly. If I catch myself doing it I'll stop, but I start it unconsciously.


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I crack my knuckles, neck, wrists and ankles many times throughout the day.

I've also been biting my nails ever since I can remember but thankfully my nails aren't completely fucked. I managed to stop a couple of times but long nails annoy me so fucking much that I always go back to biting them.

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When I'm dicing onions, picking potatoes, sorting through something or anything else that doesn't require thinking then any active thought processes are replaced by a mental screensaver and I start whistling and humming the Nintendo Wii menu music until the brain is needed again.

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Text: I use 'ly' adverbs, way, way too much. "Honestly" "Seriously", etc, to end or start my sentences, and I don't know why. Or pepper unnecessary verbs "just" "even" and the like. Almost like I need to hammer in the point with those words, rather than just saying them.

Real life: I routinely make anime arm/hand moves of my favorite characters when bored. Be it Kazuma's slow right fist clench or Guts' left hand canon drop.... yeah. Sometimes I don't even realize I'm doing it, until someone asks "What are you doing?"

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I talk to myself while working through more complex/confusing bits of our work system. I also have a really bad habit of humming whatever I'm either listening to or is currently stuck in my head to myself.