What are some of the GOOD things that are because of the Corona Virus? -


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You have any idea how much ANIME you can watch while you're out of work? Out of school?
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Yeah, I'm doing that right now for the first time since like 15. I picked JoJo because I keep hearing people talking about and memeing it, and 20 episodes in it's pretty...I don't know. Better than the elder 9001+-episode ones for sure, but 90% of it is still boring as fuck "oh shit the enemies are even more powerfuler than the previous ones [for the scene they're introduced]". The only reason I keep watching is because his tricks and shit are actually pretty creative.

I'm not going to be alone nearly as much and I'll see my family.
That's actually a negative for me because I'm immature, but to each their own.
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Air pollution has dropped drastically all over the world, especially in China and the US.
That's great news, gives me a little hope for the future.
One could even come to a conclusion that all this is a scam by governments to decrease air pollution.
If that's the case, I'm OK with it.

tasty humane burger

hokey cokey, pig in a pokey!
- I have an excuse not to see people I don't particularly like who are insistent that we 'catch up' over expensive coffee at some crap hipster cafe just because we live close to one another.
- I put a request in to work from home and it is likely to be granted. If not, I am able to do as much overtime as I like in the main office.
- I was going to be graded on a presentation at uni, and I get awful nervous when public speaking. We are now submitting a written piece of work instead.


Milled wedges.
Babylon Bee articles.


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Calcium fortified at your own risk
Personally it's like I get a second honeymoon with my wife alongside being able to pursue my hobbies.
It's also spurred an interest in pickling techniques in me, I have some onions pickling right now in malt vinegar (Colonial/British recipe) alongside some kraut that's going sauer.
I will need to go out and restock on peppers at some point, I pickled some around Christmas that I've been chipping away at.
I pickled serranos last time a bit spicier than jalapenos, hot little fuckers, though I might try Hungarian wax peppers this time if I can find them.

Also laughing at the culinary brainlets that raided the bread aisle at my local supermarkets, true men can bake their own bread.

If this goes on for long enough I may be able to get back into oil painting and that excites me.

On a bigger scale it may kill off some people hoarding property. Corona-chan is already causing a market correction so I expect housing to fall in line with the rest of the economy when the dust settles. States with aging populations often have housing shortages, so if Corona-chan is the Boomer Remover then there will be some space opened up for young families again. But that's a razor thin silver lining on a very dark cloud.

Stay safe out there Kiwis, don't let them coof on you.

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I spent the first few days being anxious that work would just can us. Then after confirmation that it's probably not happening I decided to read the first discworld book and it starts out saying "Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 and is still not dead".

So that's how long it's been since I've read an actual book and not technical manual or some sort of reference literature.

Basketball Jones

I get to cook for my boyfriend a lot more since we aren’t working on different shifts. Now we’re both home at the same time and awake at the same time so that’s been nice.
We have some home projects we get to work on also, and it’s given me an excuse to pursue some interests I’ve had for a bit.

A friend of mine is getting to spend well-needed time at home and is taking the time to catch up on work, finish her own projects she keeps putting off, and spend time with her cat. She called me today and said she is going to turn this whole thing into something positive for herself.

Tour of Italy

Open for ToGo carside pickup and family delivery.
But kidding aside, even my anti-gun sis is now asking her husband to teach her how to handle a gun. Not even the hurricanes in Houston could get that out of her.
I have a feeling this is going to cool the momentum in the gun control movement considerably. Late 2019 and early 2020 were already record breaking periods in terms of new purchases and March 2020 is set to blow even those out of the water.

I’m very happy to see people finally realizing that there are legitimate reasons to own a gun. Even better, people in restrictive states are seeing what a hassle it is to actually get their hands on one, even if it’s just borrowing a gun from a friend.

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Trolling the fuck out of people by simply walking close to them. Maybe coughing into the air if that's not good enough. Fuck our species is such sheep.
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Gosh, I hope I’m safe it this suit!
A lot of online businesses offer their service for free due to quarantine. I’ve never was into movies so I’ll pass online cinema, but I got few free online courses.
One is about c# from a university of a nearby city so I even can add it‘s diploma to my degree for extra points, plus my thesis mentor advised to use programming in thesis to make it more original. Second one is on Python. finally I’ll fully understand coding in Yanderedev’s thread.
Sure I could found an info about those languages online, but sometimes it’s better to have structured course.
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