What are the best ice cream flavors? -

I Love Beef

Bell peppers and bee- HEY WAIT A SEC WHERE'S THE B
Salted caramel, Blue Bunny
Oreo McFlurry, from Where else
Heath, Breyers
One flavor I can't remember worth the life of me but was the best - Moose tracks with chocolate caramel pieces and fudge swirl
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One of my favorite varieties of vanilla ice cream is just vanilla but with sweetened condensed milk instead of heavy cream. It's one of Ben and Jerry's original recipes in their ice cream book.

I also make a peach bourbon ice cream with pureed Georgia peaches and some actual sliced up peaches, and about a shot of Wild Turkey 101 in a gallon of the ice cream, just enough to add a trace of bourbon flavor without making it not freeze. You want a harsher bourbon for this because a smooth bourbon won't add much flavor.
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I like those kinds of ice cream you get at the store with like Reese's or Butterfingers in it. Of course, it's technically just vanilla with candy inside it.


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I like basic bitch vanilla, maybe with some chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top to pretty it all up. Sometimes simple is best!
I love coffee ice cream too, funnily enough I don't like actual coffee.
I just recently tried Tilamook's strawberry flavor and it's really nice. I rarely get strawberry since my mom is super allergic and I don't want to accidently poison her. But on rare occasions I'll get strawberry and really love it.
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Another cUcKistanian here. The best we've got in my area of the country is Ben & Jerry's and even then the only flavours that actually sell are Karamel Sultra and Phish Food. I like the former, but it gets boring after a while. There's a Baskin Robbins at my local cinema though and the ice cream I got while watching the new Godzilla movie was great, but alas there's not really much else than that.

I am, however, extremely fond of strawberry - when it's done right, by god is it good.


Pistachio (I am now severely craving some spumoni gelato now ...)
Homemade vanilla (Homemade makes a difference, man. It's delicious. Give me a root beer float with homemade vanilla ice cream, and I'll be very happy)

And Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry's used to be among of my faves, but I stopped buying Ben & Jerry's once they started to work with Linda Sarsour, so ... There you go.

My least favorite ice cream flavor has got to be chocolate. I like chocolate things in my ice cream at times (like syrup and chocolate chips), but chocolate ice cream by itself does absolutely nothing for me.


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Vanilla bean, the Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream flavor, rainbow sherbet, and daiquiri ice.