What Are The Worst Character Designs You Have Ever Seen? -


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Look at this SHIT

This is a character called Clarence. from a cartoon of the same name. I really hate this because not only is it a wannabe of the other lazy art styles that are trendy for cartoons today (Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe), but unlike those shows, this character doesn't even have anything unique to speak of. He just looks like a fat kid.

I've seen one episode and I can also confirm that the writing is just as lazy as the art style. It follows the SAME formula as Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe. And that formula is : Randomness + Non-Sequitors = comedy.



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Sorry, guys...

At least I can watch (and even enjoy) Adventure Time, Clarence, Regular Show, and yeah (UGH.) - even Steven Universe...

These are images from two new cartoons due out this year by Disney's TV Animation output. Compared to what I'd rather watch, these look like pure crap that even Klasky - Csupo could beat... Even if the writing turned out good, these artstyles... UGH.

And unlike what I would rather watch, Klasky - Csupo, hands down, takes my vote for worst artstyles of all time.

Just about every show from this regime, whether you liked them or not - I honestly feel it's hard to argue that the artstyles aren't complete shit and similar to stuff that is garbage (Overall!), like say (Yeah...), Squirrel Boy OR The Cramp Twins.
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I think Nanbaka's character design in general is pretty obnoxious, what with the overuse of canine teeth and the irritating color schemes:

I usually don't mind some harsh neon colors (I love shit like Transformers: Generation 2), but after watching the first episode of this show I was really concered I had developed eye cancer.


If we're gonna mention Bravest Warriors, please include Bee and Puppycat for looking even poorer than Steven Universe. It's only right to do so.
It didn't look too bad until the redesign but the same thing happened with Steven Universe. I imagine that it's much harder to get an animation budget these days when Adventure Time and Regular Show reveal just how low the bar can be for cartoons now, even when they want to attract an older audience as well.