What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?

>go to gym
>see the ripped chads checking out the big assed ripped staceys
>be becky on the treadmill
>feel bad and decide to get some free za while I'm here at the planet fitness
>just gorge myself and cry

I went to a gym years ago when I was younger and older dudes flamed the shit out of me, by calling me insults such as "Andy Milonakis" and "Onion". And I'm still sure as hell going to go back to a gym in about 2 or so months.


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Any of the following will satisfy right now

Mince and potato pasty
Mince and dumplings
A couple 1/4 cheeseburgers with my home made spicy tomato sauce
Kebab meat and garlic bread with cheese on it with HP brown sauce
Battered sausage with chips and curry

Midlife Sperglord

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I am craving buffalo wings and PBR.

I wonder why I can't be craving healthy food instead - it would be awesome if fresh veggies held a similar appeal to me as this does.