What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?


Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Popcorn, malted mi1k balls, gummi worms, microwave pork rinds, recesses pieces, Shasta cola basically a whole concession stand worth of movie theater snacks while I watch horror movies for spookytober good ones too from the golden years like hellraiser, Dracula, Friday the 13th, Gremlins those kinds..maybe a few modern ones like it and Halloween 2018

Note: this kiwi doesn't eat all that almost every day it's like a once every month time I spoil myself the rest of the time I'm living off vitamins, fiber powder, fish oil pills, and tea.
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I really want me some of them Mi Goreng stir fry instant noodles. The Indo Mi brand.
Those things are like, 52 cents each, but are always sold out at my supermarket.
For something as a meal, I could go for some krautkrapfen. How our family makes it is a bit different than normal though. We mix hashed browns, sauerkraut, and lots of ham together, we don’t put in apples. Then wrap it up in a more pastry like dough, not the more pasta like thing usually used. Then it’s rolled up like a strudel and baked, we don’t fry it. And we use proper sauerkraut, that’s very important.
To properly make sauerkraut, you must wash it well. Then you just add some caraway seeds, some onions, and a splash of apple juice to sweeten it a little bit. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world. Then you just fry it up as is, or put some good pork on top and bake it. That’s a good meal right there.
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Was just about to say the same thing. IDK why, but I suddenly want a large bowl of quality mac and cheese.
It's such a comfort food thing, I think. Also I was looking for new dinner recipes last night and I swear every other recipe was some kind of mac and cheese, it was crazy. One of these days I'll get the nerve to make it from scratch.


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Donuts from my local donut shop. Preferably raspberry-filled with light powered sugar on top. You have to wake up super early to get them fresh, but being chummy with the owner has its perks and he'll usually let me pick them up anytime. They're the best donuts i've ever had so far!
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Tomato basil soup. My best friend's nonna had an awesome recipe for it, but I haven't been able to go by there since I moved one state over. Might stop by after the holidays and get the recipe.
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Bob’s Donuts is a magical 24-hour donut shop in San Francisco that really just makes you feel comfy. Long day after work, sit down with a donut and black coffee. Need me some comfort.
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