What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?


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I've been craving sweet fruity drinks, which I try not to have more than once a month at most. I'm trying to be good and watch my sugar, but I haven't had a Snapple in ages and it's been sounding real good after a hard workout.


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I've been craving two things despite never having 'em before: bacon from a boar/feral hog and ruby chocolate.
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Chicken salad sammiches.
Onlines say the walmart near me doesn't have it or its components, and the wawa a too far so I settled for seven eleven up the road and their basic square chicken salad sandwich. Not as bad as I was expecting.
They had some more fancy ones like buffalo ranch and stuff but it didn't look very "chicken salad".
Still going to pursue more chicken salad tomorrow. Probably getting bread and a tub of it, probably aldi. Might try getting super fancy and make my own at some point.
That reminds me I wanted to learn how to make my own mayo. Seems like those could go well together as a project. Not sure if it will intersect with my current interest but we'll see.

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A "croque madame". Thats a grilled cheese sandwich basically, but with ham and an egg on top.
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Fried pickles bb, chips or spears, doesnt matter, but I always end up pulling the picklr out of the breading with spears, and some nice spicy ranch to dip it in. God I wish I didn't suck at making homemade breading