What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?

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Any form of edibles that aren't no-bake fudge. I've been eating/making them for the past three weeks and it's starting to make my tummy mad because they're basically pure coconut oil, chocolate, and weed. Human tummy is not made to consume this combination for three weeks straight.
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You know what I haven't had in years? Boston market. I still Remember the day my family went out for it the first time. Back then we always went out every Friday to a Hollywood video store in Hoboken NJ. After our weekly trio to pick up a couple tapes to watch over the weekend we where driving main street aka Washington Blvd and parked outside the Boston market that used to be there. My dad came back with a whole chicken and all the fixings. Cornbread mashed potatoes string beans, it was an upper-class version of KFC.

We went home and watched video tapes in the living room they on TV dinner trays I ate on a towel on the floor like a picnic just thinking about it makes me wish that Boston market was stil there. Now the only one close is in NYC... And there's no way in hell I'm going there

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Sushi, and chinese food but since the corona and protests I wouldn't trust the shit to be fresh a lot of business' are cutting corners to save money.
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It isn't so much I'm craving cheese sauce, it's just an easy way to blast through the bunch of cheese I need to use.

I'm not against focusing on cheese sauce tonight by any means, though.
Definitely some sort of noodle and cheese.
What else uses a lot of cheese sauce? Other than "just eat cheese sauce".

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Meat, tomatoes and chocolate. Due to weird circumstances am on a more restrictive vegan diet till Saturday. Vegan plus no wheat, sugar, nightshade vegetables (tomatos, pepper, aubergine/eggplant) and very limited fruit (preferably none). Day 3 already and its getting a bit boring eating mushrooms, nuts and yam.

Come Saturday, I'm going out and getting a cheeseburger and nothing is going to stop me.