What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?


Mini sugary/cinnamony/chocolate donuts with Ice cream don't care the flavor right now and caramel sauce all over it. Omfg!


Lasagna. Someone here wants to make me it and have a cute date? no clingy shit just so lazy to make it myself. Unless you wanna have a online/rl relationship with a drunken fat yet delicious pig like me than WE can date all the time


For the past several days, on and off, I've been craving a tomato sandwich.

I also haven't had a good steak in months.

Coffee Druid

Your friendly caffeinated chevalier
When I was a kid my local grocery store had one of those fast food places inset into the front of the store. It was a small "chinese" place. The kind that is just sauced chicken pieces on rice, with egg rolls or rangoons or chow mein on the side. That's one of the few places where I got lemon or sweet and sour chicken made with sauce instead of on the side. It was so bad, fatty chicken pieces and sugary gelatinous sauce. The rice was glutinous and sticky and turned into one mass. To a kid like me it was amazing. Now it'd probably give me digestion problems.

I now eat "better" Chinese takeout but I still crave it sometimes.

Clown College

Lemme beat them cheeks girl!
I'm craving a Mt. Dew but I've been off caffeine for almost a year now. Maybe for my year anniversary I'll drink one but I know what will happen when I come down off of it.*sigh*


I'M not in lockdown YOU'RE in Lockdown
I hate the word 'craving' cuz I follow Chantal but I'm with @Lumin I've been wanting freshly prepared sushi, in a restaurant without a mask, with other people enjoying it too. I'm close to someone who is a trained sushi chef and we've had some amazing sushi parties, but da rona is fucking all of that. So right now, a good sushi place where we can break rice with others will do.

But even more than that, I am missing Dim Sum, in a crowded restaurant, with servers I cannot understand tho we make do thanks to the carts and learning the Chinese words for fried calamari with chilies, a special order.

Hopefully soon, tho I know better.

Damien Thorne

I am craving some Mary Jane edibles, legal in my state. I have to wait until payday since I don’t want to touch what is in the bank for something like that, though.

Gaius Caesar

A bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys along with some of their Cajun fries...I have some leftover chicken legs I grilled on Sunday and want to finish up or else I'd have gotten it tonight. Been burgin' hard these past few days.

Just ordered pickup for tomorrow.