What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?

Coffee Druid

Your friendly caffeinated chevalier
Last year me and some friends pooled some money together and splurged on a seafood boil. A ton of king crab legs, some mussels and oysters, and potatoes and corn and things to toss into the pan with seasoning. It was so good. But it's expensive and we're all broke in this current situation so it will have to wait. I'd take a crab boil over thanksgiving turkey tbh.
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PFurrie and MAP hater
I'm currently craving rn a milkshake with whipped cream and a Maraschino cherry and some sushi...


Aka horrorfan89
For some reason I'm craving snacks you'd get at like an event or a circus. Not the deep fried stuff but the snacks. You know popcorn, cotton candy, a jumbo salted pretzel with just a touch of mustard, maybe a hot dog with onions and especially some ice cream like remember Choco tacos? Something like those or nestle drumsticks.

I guess it's cause of the pandemic shutting down all the water/amusement parks I used to always get stuff like that when my family went to places like that

Stupid Fan

One for me, one for my hooker
What I am craving is very specific.

So, you know when you order a big, juicy burger from a restaurant and its oozing with meat juices, cheese, and sauce? the bun is soaked and its hard to eat it with your hands because it is so messy? I want all of that, but take off the burger. For some reason. I'm definitely not a vegetarian but i just want a delicious burger bun that is riddled with meat juices and sauce.

Also I want to eat a bunch of feta cheese.
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I'm craving a sandwich from somewhere I no longer live and I don't think is still in business, but I would kill for this sandwich right now. It was a Greek place that did these triple decker sandwiches named after local Universities in the city. The one I'm thinking of may as well have been a triple decker Reuben. It was the best sandwich I've ever had and you could split it over two meals.
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After reading the "underappreciated cuts of beef" thread I'm craving some oxtail stew. This is the video/recipe I usually follow and I've gotten great results every time.
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