What Are You Craving? - A Sister Thread to What Are You Eating/Cooking?


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A salad. Fuck working in a mall, my only option for salad right now is Starbucks and I might as well go eat a leaf off a tree for better flavor.
I really like their chicken and quinoa salad, it has this great dressing.


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Ever since I mentioned it in a different thread I wanna try and recreate the sauce my Nana used to make when she was alive
Authentic Italian American with garlic, onions, bay leaves, fresh basil, oregano and just a hint of crushed red pepper and sugars. Made from tomato paste and puree and flavored with real beef neck bones, hot and sweet Italian sausage, and small meatballs. Served over ziti not spaghetti every Sunday night after saying grace.

Rest in peace Nana, hope to see you again someday


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some midgrade frozen pizza and a pack of pbr tallboys


Good seafood gumbo. Not the dogshit that chains serve, I'm talking fished out of the Gulf that morning fresh, everything properly seasoned... I'm half tempted to drive to the beach if no one around here makes it.

I'm also craving a tomato sandwich again. I think I'm going to try the windowsill tomatoes again, just because the tomatoes at the grocery store almost always taste terrible.


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They had this strangely vile cereal called "Oj's" in the 80s, with real artificial orange juice flavor. For some reason I want some today.
Must be a nutritional deficiency of some kind
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