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For the Chinese Moon Rabbit Festival.

And here is a song by the Hong Kong singer Johnny Ip, "The Moon Goddess". The electronic arrangement is so Kitaro

Every night, stary or starless
She is in the corner of the streets
Gazing upwards, as if in wait
Quiet as the mountains and the sea
Her eye smiling, weeping
Until dawn comes.

The Full Moon sees her with her shadow
Hair in disarray, following the orb's trajectory
Talking and answering to herself
In a trance and half-smile
This lament she repeats:

"The Moon is my love
The Moon comes to me
Just as he came to me with the wind
But why, once with me, he has to depart
And leave me here?"

She keeps waiting, through rain and wind
Because he said they will meet again under the Full Moon
She keeps her promise,
Because she believes one night
He, dressed in silvery glow, will come and meet her from afar.

This song always brings to my mind this painting by Paul Delvaux, "A Siren in Full Moonlight".
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