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I'm currently playing Endless Space 2. It's not just good, it's for most part a work of beauty. It scratches all the 4X autism itches (maybe the combat could have been more fleshed out), the visuals are, just like it is the case with Endless Legend, pure eye candy, the lore is very interesting and enough to get you invested, and the soundtrack is such a blessing for both the ears and the soul. I'm currently maining as the Vaulters as I grew quite fond of them back in Endless Legend. While a close second is the Imperium of Man United Empire, every single faction is quirky, interesting and likable on their own. And personally I think that every single faction intro is hype as fuck.
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Just finished The Last Of Us.
Ending was very anti-climactic.
Just finished The Last Of Us dlc/add-on Left Behind and I think it's a rippoff unless you're a die hard fan and absolutely want to see every possible thing. Half of it is a flashback with non-action gameplay different from the main game and it's spliced together with a period of time in the story that was skipped over but doesn't really add anything to the game or story. I guesstimate it's only 1-3 hours of gameplay depending on your play style and chosen difficulty level.

Luckily a friend of mine bought it for me as a gift so I don't feel ripped off but I would have it I had paid the $10. I'm surprised it used to cost $15. IMO it's barely worth $5.

Thought I would warn others in case there are any late players of the TLOU.
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Tour of Italy

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Just finished The Last Of Us.
Ending was very anti-climactic.
I’ve frequently visited family in Salt Lake and it always weirds me out how Naughty Dog simultaneously got so much right and so much wrong.

I’m playinh Bit.Trip Runner 2. It’s one of the first games I’ve put down for years at a time and found way easier after picking it up again. Probably due to the games I’ve played in the meantime, but it’s still strange.

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Despite my frustrations involving the clusterfucks that are the movies at the moment, I picked up Fallen Order and I'm having a surprising amount of fun with it so far.


I got Atelier Ryza a few days ago and have been playing it non-stop since. The only other one in the series I've played is Rorona, and while the absence of deadlines have shifted the game structure closer to that of the average JRPG, it's more than made up for in presentation, depth, and overall fun. The first two to four hours can be a bit of a railroaded slog, but the game opens up quite a bit right around when the 4th party member is made available. There's always something to work towards, be it farming materials, completing requests, treasure hunting etc. and it manages to avoid getting stale because it always feels like you're making progress in some way. Furthering the story unlocks new areas that give out new and better materials to make cooler things with, as well as new mechanics that are introduced at a pace that keeps the player's interest piqued without being overwhelming.

I think that as I approach endgame, I'll be autistically tinkering with synthesis recipes so much to the point that it overtakes the time I spend running around in the game world, but that's absolutely fine with me.


This is kind of cheating but I watched a Heavy Rain play-through on youtube. Glad I didn't waste $5-10 on the disc version which is essentially an OK movie at best that makes you press buttons while watching it.
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