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Biing! Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels.

I noticed it had been referred to further up the thread and it came up on GOG.com for about the price of a pint of beer so I bought it.

It's the sort of game that you couldn't get away with nowadays. On the one hand, a rather hardcore management game. But on the other hand, it's all perverted doctors, drunken orderlies, and busty nymphomaniac nurses who you can make strip off to assuage patients who've been waiting too long. It's basically Theme Hospital's perverted cousin.

Oh yes. The tutorial FMV, which features a nurse (who is apparently a nurse IRL according to the disclaimer) stripping off while explaining the controls, you could not get away with nowadays. She refers to a neurology ward as "where all the crazy people are made normal again." Also because the patients names, faces, and jobs are all random, you can have a female patient whose occupation is "Slut."

(Does this mean the devs predicted the existence of the instaho and the e-girl?)
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I have been playing FF14, first time since its original release. Just finished getting a MCH, WAR, and RDM to 80. Going to take a bit of a break and try out Warriors Orachi 4 Ultimate on Switch, I have been hankering for a musou game and haven't tried this series yet. Have Animal Crossing and Rune Factory coming up soon as well, so excited for AC after seeing that beautiful aquarium.
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Playing City of Heroes, an old MMORPG released in April of 2004 (about half a year before WoW's original release!). It died at the end of November 2012. The game was well known for it's incredible amount of character customization (something that is done right out of the gate!)
Recently it's been revived - there are several private servers popping up. I'm on /coxg/ the only server that allows you to say the N-Word and create super edgy super heroes / Villains.



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Beaten Viewtiful Joe.

Watching the ending, I'm kinda surprised about how relevant Blue's situation is today. A director who was super famous, but was eventually forgotten about due to the nature of movie trends and fads.

Can’t help but think of a certain massive multi billion dollar movie franchise that recently hit its peak.


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Beaten Blasphemous after my discord sperged because for some reason a Vtuber (Inugami Korone) was playing it, it was so weird that even the devs were cheering on her when she was fighting His Holiness Escribar, supposedly thanks to her the sales of Blasphemous on Japan skyrocketed



The game was promoted as "Metroidvania dark souls" buts not that hard, the only thing that i found annoying was that certain parts are rigged for cheap kills like for example in the Sleeping Canvases area where there are tons of spiked areas with annoying axes swinging in a way that dont let you breathe and there is no double jump

A protip: supposedly if you dont use Viridiana help in boss fights she gives you a prayer that is op and let you breeze the last figth, i never used it because i believed she was a requirement for the true ending and got the prayer but someone pointed me that it was not necessary and you have to actually see her die to get a achievement
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Shield Breaker

The Defense of Bruma is gay and I would not have sex with it.

'Your actions have been noticed by an unseen force'

🤔 Is it a daedric prince?

Nope, accidentally killed some guard in the fight.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition. My first dragon age game, probably should have started with the first, but I’m an idiot.

Anyways, 70 hours sunk into my first play through. I guess I like it? :panda:

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Dragon Age: Inquisition. My first dragon age game, probably should have started with the first, but I’m an idiot.

Anyways, 70 hours sunk into my first play through. I guess I like it? :panda:
If you liked Inquisition, definitely give Origins & 2 a spin. Keep in mind that Origins plays like KOTOR, while 2's similar to DAI.
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Beat the mage quest for Oblivion. It's a lot better than Skyrim. Only thing I really hate is you can have 100% Chameleon and the guards can still see you. 🤬
I played Oblivion when it had the T rating and I was fucking blown out of my mind when I saw the skinless gutted human character side quest that literally changed the game's rating from T to M. Good times when people were still scared about video games and violence lol.
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