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Gixxer Grinder
Still messing online in RDR2 but I'm bummed there isn't even more to do, considering how much there was in GTA =(

I'm gonna cry though the day I see coke, palm trees, cars and bikinis as a teaser for the next GTA.
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Your Weird Fetish

Intersectional fetishist
Pathologic 2 is fucking weird. And fucking hard. Why won't these people stop shoving random things into each other? Is this what happened in Wuhan?

Argh My Cigar

You like grilled cheese?
Picked up Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Collection a few days ago. Holy shit I forgot how hard MMZ1 was. I remember getting it as a birthday present around 2002-2003 and pretty much giving up on it. Gonna try to do what my 10 year old self couldn’t and actually beat these fuckers.
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Galar Purge Survivor
I started playing Enter The Gungeon again to unlock the Gunslinger, and after several days of attempts the pieces finally fell into place for those two perfect runs. But the victory felt oddly hollow with how the RNG blessed me so much to the point where I cleared every room in Bullet Hell in mere seconds and took down the Lich duo with a single weapon.
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5ever a crab

Fate/Grand Order
I had insane luck, managed to pull Kiara, Passion lip (the one I wanted), Suzuka. And on top of that I got Proto Arthur with one ticket. Thank you whales for paying for my free adblocks and content.

Tales of Berseria
Its okay so far. The beginning parts were a chore but it picks up after meeting Eizen, watching how Velvet will try to kill Artorius in minecraft.
I'm rooting for Velvet and Rokurou to fuck at the ending. Laphicet can go take a shit somewhere else.

Parson Weebs

Plus Ultra (further beyond)
Pokémon Crystal on the Virtual Console

I've been playing for four days now and made it to the fourth gym (Ghost type). Halfway through Morty's gym trainers, my roster is Sudowoodo lv23, Noctowl lv23, Gloom lv23, Croconaw lv24, Teddiursa lv24. I've been using Chuggaaconroy's excellent LP and Bulbapedia to guide me through.

My Croconaw's main strength is Attack, so I'm planning to teach it a weak Water-type attack like Whirlpool and rely on physical moves like Rage (which increases in power every time the user is hit) and Fury Cutter. I've also taught it the Special move Ice Punch. Sudowoodo knows ThunderPunch and Noctowl knows Return and Reflect, so that's fun.


Just got a 2002 original xbox and some bangers in CEX
(Splinter Cell, Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Manhunt and Spiderman 2)

Also bought the JSRF double pack off ebay (A bit expensive as people know it's a cult game plus it's not on PC and you can't emulate it yet) and might snag Halo 1 and 2. E: Just did

Gonna have to softmod it and remove the clock capacitor and scrub up all the acid with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush like on odd tinkering.
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Woah I'm Woahful
Got nier:automata on sale recently and I'm liking it so far. The chip system is pretty cool and the combat feels pretty fucking nice. The switch between third person, sidescroller, and twin stick shooter keeps shit fresh.
I also understand why there is so much 2B porn now. You do anything at all and theres a fucking ass in your face.

Also rimworld. Holy fuck. I picked that shit up in like 2018 and my autism has been running rampant ever since. Thank/fuck you ssethtzeentach for introducing me to the world of human furniture marketing and getting raided by an army of bloodthirsty alpacas while ships explode in the sky showering me with corn.
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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I'd played the first two, but never had a Wii until recently, so it's a new experience for me.

I don't enjoy it as much as I did the first game, but it's still a fun time so far. I just killed Helios, and now I'm doing a little bit of item cleanup before I move on to the next objectives.


butthurt over e-stickers
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. I'm on the 4th case in the first game. It's cheesy as hell and requires some serious suspension of disbelief, but it absolutely oozes charm. I'm definitely enjoying it so far.
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