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Replaying Nioh 1 with all DLC to get ready for the new one. I forgot how much more technical this shit was compared to souls. At least guardian spirits make this easier.
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The Shadow

What a time to be alive.
I'm playing Devil May Cry for the first time, ever. I'm not sure if I really like it, but it's entertaining.


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I've been trolling Chinese people in GTA V for hours. Never realized how racist the Chinese are against Americans.
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Finally got my hands on Stardew Valley on PC. Modded it with some of the more cutesy stuff, like Gigi's portrait mod, a mod that adds more flowers, and one that changes the UI to have a pastel magical girl aesthetic to it. Having a blast so far. Went with Sam in my mobile save, so I might go with either Shane, Alex, Leah, or Abigail this time.

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Waiting for more Final Fantasy games on Game Pass, so I'm passing the time with the Bioshock series.

Over half way through 2 currently, it's such an underrated game that it's not even funny.
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I'm about to finish Yoshi's Island DS, now i understand why nobody talks about that game nowadays


Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Playing fallout 4 modded to hell tring to make the perfect Max rockatansky sole survivor. I've found a biker outfit mod that works even has a holster/metal leg brace that really pulls that young Mel Gibson look off, added in the crossbow mod and I made macready look like....well macready from the thing. With a winter coats mod and a fully upgraded flamethrower.


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I went back to playing Soulcalibur VI and I'm reminded why I fell so much in love with this game. 😍


I'm playing Armored Core 1 on a vita. I really liked 4 and FA but never got too into the earlier games so I wanted to really give it a shot. Its pretty fun so far, but I've only fought one other AC and it destroyed me. The controls show their age, but rebinding things to take advantage of the both joysticks helped a lot. Its tough but fun, and I hope I can get good.


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Since I'm not cool enough to get a beta key for Bannerlord, I've been playing vanilla Mount & Blade: Warband for the last week or so.

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I played some GranBlue Fantasy Versus. It's a lot less combo heavy than other fighters I've played and a bit easier for newbies. Enjoying it so far. Have yet to try RPG mode though which I hear is wonderful. Had to switch the voices to japanese though because the english voices were pretty fucking cringe.
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