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I was playing WoW on Warmane's server, but damn is that place a gankfest. You can pretty much forget about questing in STV, Tanaris, Un'Goro, or HFP. I wouldn't mind so much if it was against people of the same level, but fighting DKs when you're in the 30s is bullshit.

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Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus is fucking fantastic. I know it kind of looks like a cell phone game from the screen shots but it's that kind of turn based xcom shit I've been looking for.

You get to be a bunch of weirdos that look like my new avatar.
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Super Mario 3D Land. I just recharged my 3DS after a long hiatus, and the battery is doing well. 3D Land is a good test for that because it's almost unplayable without the 3D slider turned up. Some of those jumps seriously need the edges popped out.

Also, off and on, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, SNES. Um, kind of a shit game. Also harder than I expected.


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Nioh 2. It's awesome.
I binge played the first one and loved it, my inner weeb couldn't get enough of that Japanese history + yokai shit. Plus I find the gameplay hella fun. The second one is the same as the first, but polished and with customisation. So I've made my pretty guy Jojo rip off (the same I make in Dark Souls) and am playing through it now. Currently on the second region and spamming everything into dex. I remember being blown away by the prospect of destroying bosses with kunai in the first game and it turns out you can do it again in this one. So that's fun.
On the other hand, I'm finally playing through Dark Souls 2 properly and enjoying it more-so now than I was when I first picked it up. I've been exploring and gotten up to the Gutter / Shaded Woods areas. I'm lost as all hell but enjoying the exploration of this one.
Self isolation is great for gaming. I have an actual list of games to play.
Nioh 2, Dark Souls 2/3, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven and Resident Evil 3 Remake / Final Fantasy VII remake when/if they're released. I've been playing Jojo between the other games but I'm not a huge fan of fighting games, so I'm taking it in doses. It's fun - I'm loving what it is. Can't wait to meet my boy Stroheim in it.


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I've been playing heavily modded Terraria with some friends recently. Once I get Doom Eternal and New Horizons, I'll probably be playing those.

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I finally finished fucking Wet for PS3.

I liked it a lot, but I'm so sick of it from having to play it 4+ times in a row just because it pissed me off enough to want to get some trophies I felt I earned. Yeah, mega autistic, but I got pissed off my first (and subsequent) times that I couldn't do something the descriptions made sound so mundane. I was going to get my time paid off.
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I got confused and bought Call of Cthulhu thinking it was The Sunken City (both are Lovecraftian detective games) then played it for a few hours before realising my mistake. Turns out The Sunken City isn't even out yet, lol. Also waiting for my Oculus Rift S to arrive so I can start messing around with VR games.

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Nioh 2. Having a lot of fun even though I'm shit at the game. I've attuned the Gaki soul core to my guardian spirit since it looks funny.

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Playing a heavily modded Silent Hunter 3 right now.


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It took years (not continuously of course), but I finally got past the stupid desert world in Mario 3. That stupid pyramid. That quicksand level with the angry dive-bombing mini-sun. That jumping bricks level. And of course, there's the flying ship.

(I kind of suck at action games...)


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Finally started the Mass Effect trilogy over a decade late.

So what is the precise moment that I should turn off ME3 before the bullshit begins

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COD WWII and Starcraft II mix of AI 1v1 and wings of liberty.

COD is better than expected but after about a year of being super into firearms and military history it’s a little jarring to see the unrealistic gamey bullshit portrayed with realistic graphics. Like an American Private First Class jumping on a faithfully rendered German anti air craft gun and immediately knowing how to operate it well enough to shoot down two dozen Stukas. Also derailing an armored train with a Jeep.

I almost stopped playing when I saw the rear aperture sight on the Garand looked like a fucking bubble wand. You could stick your finger through that shit. I’m glad I stuck with it though, it’s been fun overall.

Starcraft is Starcraft. There’s something satisfying about coming back to SC and SC2 and being able to really engage with the challenge of it now that I’m no longer an idiot preteen. I like the puzzle solving aspect of the campaign, although it’s demoralizing to get 25 minutes into a mission only to realize that you actually lost 15 minutes ago without noticing. Still, I keep coming back.

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Wandered the Earth a bit in Destiny 2 trying to relearn because I haven't touched in a year then my external HD shat itself again. Isn't detected by either my PS4 or Xbox. PC sees it but I can't do anything with it. Gonna have to buy a new one.
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