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Ion Fury, which so far is really fun. At first I was getting annoyed at the amount of small and far away enemies it kept throwing at you, before finding by accident (as the game doesn't tell you) that you can lock on with the pistol.
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Finally installed PCSX2 to my rig and have been going around hoovering up some classic PS2 gems. Recently started playing around with Champions of Norath and Mercenaries. I dont know what it is about Mercenaries, but this game aged pretty well in my eyes from a pure fun gameplay perspective. The textures are muddy and the animations are very dated, but the gameplay its self still holds strong. As for Champions of Norath, it did Diablo 3 console better ten years ago then Diablo 3 does on console now. Pure classic Action RPG goodness that works surprisingly well on a controller.

Cod of War

Finally finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 and started 3. Goodbye running over bikes, hello infinitly blocking enemies.

Also, since it was really cheap I got Tales of Berseria.

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I'm having a lot of fun with Greedfall. Just wish it didn't make me play nicey-nice with everyone over muh diplomacy.

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Broke out Legend of Legaia again. Got to the final boss years ago, but gave up. Videos of it have been popping up in my Youtube feed, so I thought I'd give it another go. One of the few genuinely challenging RPGs, I think.

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Picked up some stuff from the Steam sale. Got Frostpunk GotY, outward, Momodora because a few weebs said I might like it, Hallow Knight, and all the main stellaris DLCs since it's only ever at a reasonable price during a sale.
Gonna focus on really digging into Stellaris and trying to "get" 4X games, and gonna go through frostpunk since I really dig that aesthetic.
Edit: really hype for cyberpunk, it's the only game I've preordered besides a few kickstarter things (both PoE games iirc, and a select few indie things). Looks fantastic, really hoping they go ham with open-ended quest design, and I really wanna see more stuff on how stats and perks work (Wild Hunt wasn't a terrible game as far as character build diversity goes, even if vanilla's combat is a tad meh)
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I bought a recent bundle from Fanatical which included the System Shock: Enhanced Edition, as well as the Classic version. Naturally I tried the former first, expecting some kind of upgrades to bring the game mechanically more in line with present day. Unfortunately it's borked beyond belief. Classic works fine though! I've had some great flashbacks to ye olden days of staying up late to play that thing. I even remembered where some of the equipment could be found, despite having a shoddy memory in general.


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Shadow Warrior (classic), playing blind on Who Wants Wang? difficulty. It is undeniably hard, but I keep getting drawn back into it for more punishment, trying to learn which weapon types work best on what and inch forward. It also helps that the game is hilarious/rude as well.
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Persona 4, Synthetik, and Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated. I'm cycling through them.

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Getting all the endings I can on Fear & Hunger. Its annoying because there are conditions you can get that don't outright kill you, but make the rest of the playthrough effectively hopeless (e,g., losing a leg). I've still yet to finish the game in one sitting, but that isn't a goal of mine, really. Might be a fun challenge at some point.


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I've been rolling around with Yakuza Zero, XCOM: Long War, and Persona 5R. Mainly the latter. It's far more tedious to play than I remember, especially having to micromanage every aspect of play if you're going for the golden ending (which I was at the start, but now I've just given up on it.)


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Just finished the Moguri Mod for Final Fantasy IX.

Despite the fact that the FMV's cut out too early for whatever reason (the credits stopped partway and left a glitchy looking "The End" screen, this was a damn good mod and actually made the game look "HD". Backgrounds look excellent, NPC's aren't as jarring looking next to the playable characters, and I enjoy some of the remixed versions of certain songs.

The final boss fight's remixed music was fucking creepy. For some reason, it didn't loop, which funny enough added to the atmosphere of the fight. Vivi was all by himself at the end and I just kept having him cast Flare and chugging a couple of elixers hoping he would finish him. Several blue shockwaves, a Grand Cross that thankfully did nothing, Neuron Ring, and a Firaga and Vivi still stood strong.

Considering what happens to Vivi throughout the game, the whole thing just felt so poetic.

All in all, I still recommend the OG PS1 version as your first experience of this game. But this mod is great for a second playthrough.

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I'll ask here too:
I'm just starting Pathfinder Kingmaker, but the game is giving me big time woke vibes. Does this persist throughout the whole game, or am I just being a fag?

Probably both honestly.
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Got Phoenix Point by sailing the high seas..I may buy it on Steam when it comes out to play all of the DLCs

I've been learning to play for a while now. Got to say, its fucking tough ( Playing on the normal difficulty, Veteran ), especially the logistics and how you manage the growing number of soldiers that you must get to secure the planet

The ballistic model is a bitch, but at least you know what do to in order to get the kills..after a few trial and error
The enemies ( human ) regularly change their equipment to better fuck you up ( Killing six armored cyborgs with grenade launchers that turn your men into fish food is not easy )

The Pandorans are always mutating as well, which makes fighting them also hard when facing them: basic ennemies can one-shot you in the early stages ( Around 8% ) if you don't improve health and armor.

The thing is that if you happen to survive, its immensely satisfying and you get to fight for another day. Besides, the writing is generally great, as you try to save what's left of the world from the aliens and try to prevent the factions from killing each other, sometimes.


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Just started my 3rd playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2, but this is my first time running it on Tactician mode. It's fucking tough. This game is glorious though. I could go on and on about how brilliant this game is, but it's all been said already from many different people around the internet.

All I will say is, if you haven't tried this game, and you're a fan of isometric RPGs, do yourself a favor and pick this up. It's on sale for $22 on Steam right now, which is a steal.
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