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Right now I'm currently reading The Mad Man by Samuel R. Delany. A couple of years ago I had a good 'ol funky time going through one of his earlier works, Hogg and it's fun to see him take a rest from hard sci-fi and return to his one, true love: pure degeneracy. Both books have absolutely zero literary merits and I'm shocked they're actual, published works and not some fetishist's fap rags torn off the Kristen archives.

Before this, I re-read Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher. It felt like a drier Black Swan and I didn't really get anything out of my second go around. Though I liked the overall premise I found it a little too slow to hold up to the Lolita-level scandal this book apparently used to have.
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Exigent Circumcisions

I can smell youuuuu.... you smell niiiiice....
The Jews and Their Lies
The Bible
Shadow And Claw

I really enjoy Alastair Reynolds, Pushing Ice is one of the tightest books I've encountered so I read it yearly. Century Rain is also good. Revelation Space series is fantastic with a bit of a meh at Absolution Gap.

Unfortunately, On The Steel Breeze has a character with ve/vis pronouns and it's incredibly jarring to me.

My brain always sends up the 'typo' alert and then I have to grit my way through it. It adds nothing to the character either; Reynolds always has at least two main characters with well-rounded personae and stronk wahmen are very common so it really comes across as virtue signalling.
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Update: I finished The Castle.

Honestly people are missing the point if they think the book is incomplete without Kafka's original planned ending. The book geniusly ends on the landlady forcing K. To examine her dress which she describes as old fashioned, fussy, and often renovated. She's describing the society K. Has existed in for 2 books the dress is a metaphor. In the end she opens the wardrobe to reveal more and more dresses clearly symbolizing the fragility of any society to the concept of change. The original ends on her inviting K. To come see her new dress. Clearly a prelude to the future. At least that's what I got out of it

The book then shows 2 possible paths K. Could go down. He either goes back to work in a family's cottage or stays where he is. The choice is actually to surrender to the mob of socitey or surrender to his isolated independence in search of truth.

Which he picked is a choice everyone must make. I think that's what Kafka was getting at. You can either live in that absurdity or start chipping away at it

End of review

Oscar Wildean

OK Corral
I'll be diving into A Room With A View because I'm doing research for an Edwardian upper middle-class character I'm writing. This book is supposed to be all about people in that class, so I think it'll be useful for me.


The Turner Diaries

This book is complete garbage. Stephenie Meyer could write a better story
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lmao. Just picked it up today. Honestly this will be my second time reading Ulysses . I'll try to finish before Bloomsday but it'll probably take me an extra month.

Good book but nothing beats The Wake. Still my favorite of all time
Who the fuck actually drinks an energy drink?
I thought that was just a meme.
Go drink a real fucking soda like Dr. Pepper you fucking ignorant plebeian.
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Extremely epic scifi biguy(the bi is for lingual!)
I've been rereading R Scott Bakker's Aspect Emperor series for my sf&f fix, it's probably my favorite modern fantasy series/setting, just so grim and complex.
I've also been rereading James Ellroy's Perfidia in anticipation of it's sequel being released soon. Anyone who's a fan of crime fiction who hasn't read any Ellroy yet should definitely give him a try. My all around favorite crime author, and one of my favorite authors in general

Rigor Meowtis

Good thing I don't know how to read
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I’ve been trying to get back into reading for some time, and I picked up a couple used copies of books I wanted to read. The used bookstores failed to note on their website that this book was full of markings from a high school project, so there’s highlighter on every page and scribbles of “ew that’s nasty” in the margins.

It was like $2 and not worth the effort of sending back so I’m reading it and enjoying the snide comments from the high school girls who had to read this for their AP English class.


Stefannie Lööfven, Professional Tax Investigator
I just finished reading the fourth volume of L'Arabe du futur. Next I'm planning to re-read two books on Japanese history for an exam


he looked inside me
Reading through a collection of Howard's Conan stories. It's hard cover and sadly doesn't have one of those awesome S&S covers with naked women and a barely clothed Conan fighting off a snake or gorilla.
The stories are very old fashioned with a style of writing that's often imitated but no one can seem to get right. I also love how overtly racist all of the characters and the narrator himself is in describing people, with every character having prejudices and stereotypes of anyone who isn't of their own race.


Tsar of the Internet
Reading The King in Yellow, mostly to gain inspiration for a tabletop game I'm running. One of my players wants to be a devotee to Hastur. I've read most of Lovecraft and Derleth's work, and wanted to expand on some more weird/cosmic horror fiction. Book is actually really good and holding my interest, so that's a bonus.


literally gay hitler
Currently finishing Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. It's some solid sci-fi with a really nice touch of dark humor and social commentary that I wasn't expecting to find in there but is a very welcome addition and makes for a really fun read.

The next book I'll pick up from my massive pile of shit to read will probably be Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space.


it just goes on and on and on and on...
Needed something light to read inbetween bits of Les Miserables. The chunk meandering around the philosophy of convents was tiresome. I suppose back when it was written it was a daring take, but whew. The chunk about Waterloo was more interesting, though I do wonder at it's accuracy, though it was written at a closer time period to it than a modern history book.

So I'm rereading Guards!Guards! By Terry Pratchett. Been several years since I read all of the Sam Vimes and the guards books.

Underestimated Nutria

Currently finishing Singularity Sky by Charles Stross. It's some solid sci-fi with a really nice touch of dark humor and social commentary that I wasn't expecting to find in there but is a very welcome addition and makes for a really fun read.

The next book I'll pick up from my massive pile of shit to read will probably be Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space.
Is accelerando worth reading? Stoss generally?

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