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I thought about putting it on the Accursed Farms thread, but I think it is a gateway to a lot of autism productive discussion. So Ross from Accursed Farms (the guy responsible for Freeman's Mind) made a behemoth of a video about how we didn't advance at all in the GUI department in the last 25 years, and I kinda agree. I don't think the GUI today is as bad as Ross makes it to be (in the end most people will cycle very few programs and barely look at the desktop), but there can definitely be features to customize access to programs.

So your thoughts? Favourite GUIs? Any unique builds you know of?
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Everything should look like winamp circa 2004.
We have the technology to do this with vector graphics so it scales to any resolution but all the big open source vector rendering libraries are still in their infancy and design has gone down the toilet so everything is fugly as hell.

Also, nothing beats the command line for compiling and other programming related tasks.



I remember the cpu drain when windows had both the native win95 gui and the "skinned" graphics and I 100% still resent win10 for not letting me go back despite still having remnants of the real "fast" ui all over their control panels, hell, hey could just as easily remake them as "flat" to match, but good god just pick.

I'm going to watch the hell out of this hoping to see some 3.1 glory shots or even... system 2.0 😍

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I don't know who the fuck this Ross guy is, but his voice and manner of speaking make me want to punch him so I can't watch that full video.

There are two primary problems I see with GUI's now.
1. Designing everything for mobile/touchscreens. From websites that have a mobile look on desktop, to Windows trying to make a dual design GUI that is just shit all around.
2. Removing options to not confuse the massive amount of retards just makes things harder for the non-retards. And guess what? Retards are still retards and get confused. So now everyone has a hard time doing what they want with the GUI.

Another thing I hate is the overuse of icons/images/clipart instead of text. We have a language based on letters and words, not hieroglyphics/pictographs. I don't know what you are using an image for, but I would know if you just put a fucking word there. This also includes the idiotic overuse of emojis and the thousands of different emojis that exist and continue to be made.

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The problem with GUIs is that you're expected to point and click on everything like an ape. Windows Explorer in particular is a piece of shit is because the keyboard shortcuts are nearly entirely worthless.

I remember when 7 first came out and discovered you can launch the first ten programs in Win+# on the top row, and that was a big deal. It was the first time you could go from the login screen to PornHub in one motion without touching the mouse at all.

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90s GUIs were better because they weren't bloated and not reinventing the wheel every other week. Good thing Linux lets you use something like CDE, WindowMaker, or KDE 1.x if you wanted to.

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i just wanna say that everything these days being made with touch screen in mind is shitty and dumb
Case in point: Windows 8. Scrolling through that with a mouse was slow as hell. Either that or it ate up so many resources.


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I get how things haven't advanced much, but that's sorta like bitching that cars haven't advanced much on the user level.
They do what they're supposed to do. "Go forward, backward, and turn" is about all most users need, so yeah your average car interface hasn't changed much since, like, the advent of automatic transmission.
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90s GUIs were better because they weren't bloated and not reinventing the wheel every other week. Good thing Linux lets you use something like CDE, WindowMaker, or KDE 1.x if you wanted to.
Too bad ReactOS is still a piece of shit that only works on VMs, otherwise everyone could have the best of both worlds
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