What are your views on masks? Will you still wear a mask in public if it's not required? -

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Obviously this is going to vary across the world but where I'm from up until just recently when it was declared mandatory the ratio of people wearing and not wearing masks out in public (I'm talking stores etc. not sidewalks) was roughly 50/50. I think some of this mix is political in nature with non-maskers saying "muh freedoms" and maskers saying "muh science," and aside from even that you got mixed studies on whether or not wearing a mask is effective in the first place. I also think they look dumb on everyone and a lot of people are shit at wearing them, but even before they were required here I was still wearing one when I needed to go out in public just in case.


I've been 90% recluse since the start of all this shit. Only go out for groceries and booze. Nothing no one is worth the extra effort. Oh wait I did one other thing but nigger owed me one but he made me cum to him one last time. I prefer this quiet life. Asked me like 10-20 years earlier I would have gone NUTS on the distancing/Isolation...blah blah but shit like this gets easier and easier when I(ONE)knows what they are truly worth. So I hope/wish this Corona lasts for decades.

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Masks are a power play, pure and simple. In March, Fauci and the U.S. Surgeon General said not to wear/buy them, respectively. Now they're saying wear them. If they cared about halting the spread of HolyVirus, we'd be fined for not wearing N95 masks, yet I have been allowed entry for (dead serious) taping a half-sized paper towel to my face.

Showing papers highlighting the exemptions (and keeping my mouth shut, not causing drama) has also helped in my case.

There is too much fear mongering, goalpost-moving and shaming for me to consider this anything but a totalitarian power grab. I'm not sure what my namesake would make of complying with orders based on false premises are, but I'm sure he'd disapprove.


Its a fucking scam when mandatory and a means to put the boot on your neck, and my government is using businesses as the enforcement for this. It just seems like a joke at this point.

Air travel is okay keep the borders open, its not gonna spread muh flu, something something racism, don't wear masks they don't help unless you're sick, stay inside do your hashtag part, masks are your choice, look at those idiots protesting we're gonna have a second wave, I can't believe you're not protesting what are you racist no this is different because hashtag, wear the sheet bigot, get the chip in your arm do your hashtag part.

We're playing pretend at this point that we have some semblance of control and everything isn't in this horrible speed wobble from all the momentum thats built up.


I'm masking up right now but it's because cases are spiking where I'm at and the hospitals running out of capacity is a legit worry if things don't settle down. If you had asked me three weeks ago when there was like maybe a dozen people hospitalized in a region of half a million people I would have been the other way because that kind of response was unwarranted.

See, I pay attention to the data then act in a reasonable manner in response to it. Not because of what some talking head dipshit on TV or Mayor McCheese says.


Your health is low, do you have food or potions?
I don't see a reason not to cover half your face whenever possible after huge investments being made in facial recognition software.
Although it will never happen since the initial what-if of whether or not COVID-19 was a bioweapon has been discarded.

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At this point, for my safety, I just wear a mask. Better safe than sorry. As long as I could still go to the store, get a haircut, do what I have to do, it's a minor inconvenience.

The thing is trying to convince others that I'd be safe even when wearing my mask. Staying inside all the time gets boring. At the same time, being in public in large gatherings makes me nervous.

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I'm tolerant of wearing masks for the sake of my family and grocery store guidelines.

What I don't like are the state governments and "experts" dragging their heels when it comes to reopening, we should be further along than we are right now. If they're going to mandate these masks, they should at least speed things along so that we can get back to normal sooner.

It isn't just annoyance on my end, the economy will get worse if we keep cowering and shutting down at every "spike".

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I feel like I can't breathe with a mask on, so the moment I don't have to do it anymore -- I'll stop. But, I've got elderly parents and one of them is freaking out over covid, so I might still wear one just to give them peace of mind.

Most people don't even wear them correctly and the masks themselves don't do much for viruses, so I'm pretty well convinced it is practically useless. But, it's required in my state and I generally try to follow the law, so I'm not going to be a jerk about it.

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If I take the mask off will you die?
Yes, but only because the general mortality rate is 100%.

I worked in diagnostics, people. The language being used in the news to justify round 2 of the lockdowns is "spike in positive tests." Unless you know the modality of the test kit and (most effing important) the kit's specificity (ability to distinguish true biomarker to similar biomarker) the term "positive" is absolutely meaningless. A test with 80% specificity means that out of 1000 positives, 200 of those are FALSE positives. Remember,

positive != infection
infection != hospitalization required
hospitalization required != fatality.

Yet the government and media are counting on both your ignorance and inability to pass three logic gates.