What conspiracy theories do you believe in? - Put your tinfoil hats on

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Not sure this is conspiracy theory. But I'm reasonably certain but not fully convinced that I'm in hell. I'm not sure if I'm alone like my own personal hell or maybe other people around me are also in hell. It seems like everything that happens to me is just bad enough to hurt me but not enough to make me give up. So I keep hoping something good will happen and occasionally it does but that's only to keep me from fully discovering the truth and killing myself in a bid to escape. I cant kill myself anyway because if I'm right I'll just start over and oh boy wont that be something. If I'm wrong that'll crush all my friends and family. If this is hell I believe the most likely candidates for demons are the rich and powerful. They parade their degeneracy as has been highlighted in this thread. But they can never fully admit it because it would break the illusion. Then again this could all the product of a broken mind.


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Most of what I believe has already been mentioned but I'll expand a little on someone mentioning big pharma helping push troons for profit.

Transgenderism will be used for depopulation purposes as well as to provide sex servants/bacha bazi for the elites and the muslim "new Europeans". I predict a big racial disparity will be present among transgenders (take a wild guess). Also, ive seen people discuss propositions to classify toxic masculinity in the DSM. A lot kids who get diagnosed if this happens will just so happen to have repressed transgenderism.

Almost all trans peeps are male to female. Chemically or physically neutering males isn't a effective means of population control because males can be fertile despite their age and one male can impregnate many females.

That's why men can die in wars in large numbers and the population loss usually ends up being mostly short term. In the event of a significant female/male disparity in the population, people simply adjust their behaviors. You can see this on college campuses with sex disparities where guys have multiple girlfriends (more than usual anyways).

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Project Bluebeam or something similar to it. I expect some kind of alien hoax in the future to "unite" humanity, forcing a world government.
I remember the misfired rocket over Sweden or Switzerland or something a few years back and it spooked me how there was a strange blue glow below the entire rocket while it was spinning, it seemed really out of place since it wasn't moving.


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You are an idiot. How the hell could the Ukrainians shoot down a plane flying on the other side of the world?

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Okay, but for real here is what I think about what you said:
>Martin Luther King Jr. was not killed by James Earl Ray, but was instead killed by an unknown assassin working on orders from the government. James Earl Ray was the fall guy for the operation. Incidentally, the government has been forced to admit the official story may not be correct to the King family (who don't believe James Earl Ray did it).
Not an expert on the subject, but it wouldn't surprise me if this was true.
>Kennedy assassinations (both JFK and RFK) were done on orders from the government.
I'm on the fence with JFK. Judging from what I've heard about LHO I think that it would make sense if he did the killing himself, but then when you look at Jack Ruby, the guy that shot LHO it makes you start wondering if there was something more going on.
>Stephen Paddock, the Vegas shooter, was acting on orders from some outside group. The official story is not true.
This. I believe this 100%.
>Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by the Ukrainians as a false flag attack.
Wasn't it basically proven that the Russians did it?
>The world has been dominanted since the early 19th century (and to a lesser degree since the 16th century) by small, amoral cliques (not necessarily in contact, but with similar goals) of the wealthy (often bankers) and powerful (historically mostly British, American, and Jewish, but nowadays more diverse). Some of these families include the Rockefellers, the Soros family, and the Rothschilds. Many major events in world history (such as World War I) have been created or otherwise influenced by these group to steer the course of humanity for their benefit.
I don't know if this stuff goes that far back, but it's definitely happening today.
>The above groups control most countries through various "deep state" networks. They use various means (including open warfare) to sabotage countries they do not control, or do not fully control, which historically have included Revolutionary/Napoleonic France, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union (and most communist countries until 1991), Saddam Hussein's Iraq, and currently Iran and North Korea.
I don't know if that's the case. I just sorta assumed that these people were focused on controling the west first and the second world fell apart without their help. Now that the former eastern bloc is (mostly) open to them they're now trying to control it for themselves.
>In the United States, the deep state (especially located in the intelligence community and the media) is currently working against Trump as he is an outsider and not pliant enough for them. Historically, they've had a fantastic run at controlling things thanks to the Bush family (including Prescott Bush) and now the Clinton family. They use the United States as a key part of their world order.
That might be what's going on. Maybe the Bushes and Clintons are part of these cliques. I don't like to think about this, because I like the idea of their being a good guy in this story, but maybe Trump is part of some master-plan.
>The United States has become too dangerous for the world elite to control, and are using outside money (aimed at the media, certain organizations, etc.) to divide the country with the eventual intention of dissolving it.
>The global elite created Arab Spring with the intention of starting internal conflicts there and using the resulting refugees (and economic migrants) to further their plans of mass immigration for their enrichment.
This. Modern liberal societies create social problems that cause birthrates to plummet. The capitalist elite can't accept this, becuase they need more people to keep their system running. The logical solution is to import labor.
>Global warming/climate change is real, but the world elite is using it (and environmentalism) to gain more power and control over people. They have no intention to solve things until it gets bad enough they can't pass the costs on to the rest of us.
>Big Pharma is hiding cures and "watering down" medicine to gain more profit. They have also used doctors and psychiatrists to create new markets for their drugs. Autism and ADHD are real conditions but mostly manufactured by Big Pharma. They are currently latched onto the transgender movement and funding it with billions of dollars to make big money off of various hormones and puberty blockers.
I think all that it takes for a system like that to fall apart is one greedy person getting their hands on a cure and deciding that it's worth the risk to make a lot of money in the short term. Too big of a secret to hide. ADHD is definitely overdiagnosed. Never thought of the tranny stuff being something that big pharma has a hand in, but that would make sense. Finally, I think that if you think that there isn't enough genuine Autism as people say there is then you clearly haven't looked at this site closely enough.
>Pedophile rings exist at the highest levels of government and Hollywood, and the elite (including the Clintons) know about this and protect them. Some rape child stars, but most rape random children procured for them (often from the Third World). Pizzagate and QAnon are spread as disinformation to divert people's attention away from a very real problem. Harvey Weinstein was thrown to the wolves to avoid getting people looking too closely at things.
This, but it's not just pedophilla. I'm sure that plenty of adults are trafficked too.
>Alex Jones is a government shill (possibly associated with Stratfor) who is used to discredit conspiracy theories by mixing in facts (such as the fact that chemical companies literally are turning the frogs gay by dumping chemicals in the water) with dumb shit.
It's possible that this is true, but it's also possible that Alex Jones is just an idiot.

As for my pet theories: I believe that Air India Flight 182 bombing was perpetrated by Indian government and that the chemical attacks in Syria were false flags meant to create problems for Assad.


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Of all the ones posted by OP, I believe Kennedy being killed by the US government is the most plausible one. I don't know if there is a term for it, if not I'll call it Fougaro's Razor: If a high profile murder or other crime of such magnitude remains unsolved for decades, always assume that the government is behind it. It seems a bit too hard to believe that some random sped successfully assassinated the president of the United States at least without some sort of (passive) help from upstairs. It's not that the US government, or the deep state, hasn't been involved in more homosexual gay ops.

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I think there is a grain of truth in the missing 411 cases. Perhaps some military shit or kidnappers.

I too had a scary experience near a forest when I was I child. My parents and I went to a restaurant near a forest and I went outside because I was bored of waiting for our meal to arrive.

I didn't even went inside the forest. I just looked at some trees and then turned my back to the forest to look at the mountain landscape. I looked for a while & suddenly I felt a rush of adrenaline and felt like someone was behind me. I thought an animal but there was no sound and when I looked behind me there was no one. But I was so spooked I ran inside.

I read that it's not possible to feel when someone is behind you & believe it, but in this moment it really felt like someone is there. It's hard to explain. Like someone invaded your personal space. It was a really strong feeling. That was like 15 years ago and I haven't experienced something like that since.

I have no idea what actually happened. Nothing else was weird. It was a beautiful summer day with a clear blue sky and the forest isn't even that deep. Really weird shit.


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I guess I believe an extension of the JFK theory. I believe that almost all unexplained deaths are probably the result of assassination by domestic and foreign agents. This applies to those known to be involved in government or with spies but there are some other strange deaths are are explained away as mental illness or some attempt at sexual deviancy gone wrong that I believe they were secretly an agent for somebody. Governments never acknowledge the actions of their own intelligence services and they won't admit to a foreign power being able to kill somebody on their turf unless it's politically advantageous, such as those Russian KGB defectors killed in the UK. The Russians themselves seem to be pretty ruthless when taking out agents they have overseas that turned out to be double agents or they've killed people who were going to turn in a colleague they knew was working for them.

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Putin wasn't working with Trump but instead worked with the Clinton's party.
He spoke highly about Trump in hopes that this would make people doubt Trump and give Clinton a foothold for criticism against him.
In return this would give Putin an in with the new US President when Hillary won.


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JFK was killed by the military industrial complex for not escalating in Vietnam, which subsequently made them billions as soon as LBJ took office and started putting more boots on the ground. I also believe Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent.

I also think that the many of the senior Nazi party members escaped to Argentina, including Martian Bormann, Adolf Hitler and hundreds of SS officers. evidence to corroborate this partially comes from Bormann's remains which when uncovered in Berlin had soil which is not found anywhere in Europe, but is common in south america. That and they dug for his remains twice at the spot his was allegedly killed. the first time came up with nothing, only years later did they find his bones.