What conspiracy theories do you believe in? - Put your tinfoil hats on


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Adam and Eve lived on a testing habitat on a space station, Tower of Babel was a Space Elevator or a Radio-Station, capabale of inter-stellar signals - or a space station so that might've been where they lived, the flood was caused during a war between aliens from mars and the destroyed planet that now makes up the inner asteroid belt (Mars was"lucky" enough to just be turned into a uninhabitable desert) Noah's Arc was a Spacehip or gene-bank/-storage that saved mankind, Atlantis existed in the times during the biblical flood, the Moon is hollow and actually a space ship that brought refugees from Mars to Earth and they built the Pyramids which are actually a power plant.

I could go on and on about this but I think you get the point.

-The Neocon shift from being Trotskyites to so-called Conservatives was simply to shore up another base for supporting Israel. Prior to the Six-Day and Yom Kippur wars, support for Israel was mostly left-wing and its own politics were left-wing (Begin was their first non-socialist leader). After all, the average American's support for Israel was largely helped by communist martyr Dalton Trumbo's film Exodus. However, those wars made it harder to support them from an anti-imperialist perspective, therefore Zionists instead aligned with evangelicals for a new triangulation of supporting Israel.
This has some truth. There are Boomer Jews that were Maoists but now they spend all their time talking about how evil Muslims are because they need to support Israel.
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Most of those aren't even conspiracy theories: if we research deep enough, we're gonna figure out that there is some truth on them. I mean, that powerful people want to keep on power isn't even a far-fetched notion.

But, if I have to give my own, I think that Social Justice is just an instrument for elites to control population with "rewards" methods. They didn't make this up, nor they intended to. It just happened that people became addict to social media and our rulers are using that to their favor with the unintentional help of corporations.

Also, I have to say 9/11. I don't think the government planned it but they knew it would happen and instead of stop it, they tried to use it to their own goals.


  • Whether or not 9/11 was an inside job, fanning the conspiracy angle in order to distract people from actual problems is absolutely something a government would do.
  • Soy and troons are control. Not necessarily population control, but definitely some kind of ploy to make people complacent. Government soybean subsidies + social media popularization of soyim hedonism (Switch, vasectomies, porn) are linked even if not directly.

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And nobody's mentioned my favorite yet! Whoopee!!!! Scientology - a huge fuck ton of conspiracy and nonsense conveniently masked as a religion.

Xenu, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who 75 million years ago brought billions of his people to Earth in DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes, and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the thetans (immortal spirits) of these aliens adhere to humans, causing spiritual harm.

Get off of me, you scummy thetan!!!!


Things I don't put stock in:
  • The Waco siege's fire was started inside the compound. Usually the theories involve both the ATF being incompetent and masterminding the plot, but for both to be true is impossible.
I think you're very on track with everything else, but it's in the government's own report that the Gov probably started the fire "on accident" by shooting outdoor use only pyrotechnic tear gas canisters into buildings. It's open to debate if they were idiots or did it on purpose, but it's pretty settled it was the tear gas.
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The tech giants are currently in an arms race to collect user data that they can feed into an algorithm to create super computers that can accurately predict human behavior. Not only is every click, post, and viewer retention on websites collected, but with everyone having smartphones these days they will also know where you go at what times in the day. A manmade Oracle is slowly but surely being pieced together, and our codependency with technology makes it inescapable. Worst of all; once it's power of prediction are strong enough, they will move onto the next step: the power to control perception. We've all been collectively building the mind of the Oracle and it will turn things around and start tinkering with our minds.
I believe this is underway naturally, and always has been. There's a great quote, I think it's from Pascal - "The purpose of humanity is to organize God." We've been doing that with the internet for the last 50 years, making the sum total of human knowledge a universally accessible utility.
As a species, we've always been striving towards the unnameable, assembling something greater.
I imagine the entire human experiment could very well go off the rails at this point in history, were the wrong entity given the sort of power these tech people are capable of conjuring.
It's all very strange, like we're living out some D&D trope that's woven into our cultural DNA. There's a reason that south park made the apple guys look like wizards in that episode. We have tech-priests, in a sense.
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I believe that illuminaughty or freemasons do actually use bizarre symbolism in music videos, to push their agenda or show in a subconscious level to us that they own our ass. I mean, butterflies, egyptian symbols, sex kitten styling, are all over the place.


Fidel Castro being Justin Trudeau’s real dad, I don't so much believe it, it's more I don't disbelieve it. Even if Castro was his father it really doesn't change anything.

Michael Jackson never had his own kids, he may have looked white by the end of his life but doesn't explain how his kids could look so white.

Jeffrey Epstein has dirt on a lot of powerful people, why else did he get 13 months "custody with work release" for what he did, Also believe there is a strong likelihood Bill Clinton, Trump and others are also pedofiles due to their many trips to his islands.

Police do target black people more, however the the real reason for this is that black people are more likely to be breaking laws and the police are encouraged to arrested so many people from the privatised prisons, so being lazy they go for the easiest group to find criminals in.

Iraq War and the follow up wars were about oil

The real reason to defund planned parenthood and the poor sex education in parts of the US is to increase voter numbers

6 million jews weren't killed in WW2, truth is no one know how many jews were killed.

Madeleine McCann was killed by her parents. Even if they didn't killed her they should have still got jail time for leaving the kids along like that.


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I believe that illuminaughty or freemasons do actually use bizarre symbolism in music videos, to push their agenda or show in a subconscious level to us that they own our ass. I mean, butterflies, egyptian symbols, sex kitten styling, are all over the place.
Not disagreeing with you but this article is worth a look.
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nagant 1895

Is this one even a conspiracy?
I would say it is. The official line was WMDs and more than half the media went along with it and there haven't been any documents release saying "Cheney wants that sweet sweet oil so make something up about WMDs" It's the most pathetic saran wrap veil to try and throw over our eyes but you still have to see through it to know the truth.
Conspiracy level:Normie

I would also like to add one more to the list - The NBA playoffs and finals are rigged.

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The tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted.
All of these antigovernment conspiracies were circulated as false flags by the governments and corporations in order to distract from actual conspiracies that have been buried underneath a tide of propaganda, effectively making any actual conspiracy indistinguishable from fact and therefore securing governmental/corporate control for eternity, excepting situations where the conspiracy directly benefits the corporation (global warming is a hoax hoax by Exxon, GMO fearmongering by Greenpeace/'organic' farmers, antinuclear fearmongering by oil/coal/wind/solar companies, etc.).

Basically everything is a lie except for when it's not, and humanity is now in a situation where there is a caste of a few hundred who alter both fact and fiction to their advantage to reign eternally. They have the courts, judges, parliaments, senates, houses, presidents, dictators, etc in their back pocket, and they're going to strangle the life out of anything by filling the universe with bullshit conspiracies in order to continue their own nefarious plans unperturbed.


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"The elite created identity politics to keep the populace divided so they can't unite and rebel" -- sounds very plausible, especially since it originated in academia. SJWs also appeared after Occupy, which is when many started hearing about Tumblr-ish stuff.
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I believe that it was a government arrangement for JFK to be assassinated and that's it. The phantom time hypothesis is also interesting but most definitely bunk. There were more but I'm tired and can't remember shit all so if I do I'll edit with them.

E: I've seen some compelling evidence that Michael Jackson actually faked his death and continued to live for several years thereafter. The ambulance that supposedly carried him to the hospital, for example, had its hubcaps mysteriously change color in between its departure from his house and its arrival at the hospital based on security camera footage.

I believe in technological and medical suppression by special interest groups to some extent.

Madeline McCann's disappearance was a fabrication by her parents and nobody can ever tell me otherwise. Either she died accidentally of a sleeping pill overdose and her corpse was concealed or she was sold into sex slavery. Don't even fight me on this one.
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