What cover can you not stop listening to? -


Amaranthe do some good covers. While I'm not a fan of the screamo stuff, I love the female vocals.

Stilgar of Troon

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One of my favorite bands- if you watched True Detective season 1 they did the theme.
Saw them in Denmark a few years ago, absolutely fantastic. (Mild Powerlevel: the band I was in were touring Scandinavia and played at a venue called Radar in Aarhus and they were on a few days later, so we went back to watch them. Lovely people, too...

Sir Wesley Tailpipe

I’m not sure it counts as a cover, but I have a bootleg of David Bowie singing Hurt from the Outside tour.

The question about it being a cover comes from the fact that Nine Inch Nails were the opening act on that tour, and Bowie’s backing band as well. Trent Reznor was a producer and key collaborator on Outside.

The show started with a NIN set that ends with Hurt, but when the vocals come in, it’s Bowie instead of Trent.

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Not sure if this counts, but this remix is so far away from being a remix that it might as well be a cover version in its own right.

From the same evil geniuses that gave us this:



A lot of the folk revival stuff has some great cover material.
Joan's covers of Bob Dylan are solid classics, being that he was a great songwriter and she was a great singer - arguably the best of the folk revival, although I think Phil Ochs' 1966-1969 work matches Bob's 1962-1965 peak. But that might just be my more romantic preference for poetry, whereas Bob wrote for the common listener and reached far more.

But speaking of Phil Ochs...
An Edgar Allan Poe semi-cover from the man himself,
And finally, a cover of a 1928 Blind Lemon song from Bob.