What did APC do to get banned? - Day of the Rake

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I don't want to sound racist, but...
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APC's email:

Hey, I failed to see how what I said was that far off from what you said regarding deindexing. I'm sorry I don't remember the exact details on 2 year old cow drama for a lolcow like CRP I do not care about. I'm not a tech guy I don't know what deindexing means, I assume it means you can't find it on google?
No offense was meant to you and I wasn't trying to "undermine the site", why would I do that when I'm in the middle of making my longest OP ever and working on another 2?
Said this before and you still seem to not believe me that I'm not working against the site in anyway, I promise.

I just want to contribute to your site and I was bringing up history people don't know or...

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Rate me autistic or optimistic or whatever, but I didn't know that APC was this much of a tard. I actually kind of liked him. Yeah, he was kind of annoying, and I had a vague notion that he could be pretty autistic, but admittedly I was pretty unaware of the extent of his autistic shenanigans. It was a little surreal to learn that he apparently sent dick pics, among other things.


All I did was made a thread of why he was banned.

I look pretty tho.

Edit: I don't know what he's talking about with "sucking up to him." I would see him in chat; I would converse with him. That's it.
I mean, autists are bad at social cues and I've seen them confuse someone politely entertaining their rambling as enthusiastic engagement.

Dunno. Doesn't really matter.