What do guys here think of trans men? -

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Just curious, I only know what I, a woman, think of trans women and their behaviour in general. I'd like to hear the other side of it.

Edit: cheers for all the answers. I'd also like to ask, is there ever a component of feeling insulted that they are basically doing blackface of your entire gender? I feel this way about MTFs for the most part, even the HSTS are mostly benign but still seem to be attention seekers just parodying us. But I have no idea if it's true in reverse.
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I'm a little more sympathetic to TiFs (natal females) than to the typical MtF troon tbh. However I think most of them are simply misguided and/or have serious emotional problems. ROGD/social contagion is huge, too.

A lot of young women are turning troon due to social pressures, or because of the ordinary but nonetheless distressing pressures of being a young woman and inhabiting a female body, combined with preexisting psychological issues and often trauma. Turning troon is seen as a potential psychosocial cure-all.

I feel bad for them, especially as they're often seriously mutilating themselves ("there's a shortage of perfect breasts in the world...") due to various factors relating to social trends and personal issues. Rather lik that cliché about suicide in that it's "a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

While a lot of TiFs seem to have significant cluster B personality issues, often borderline tendencies, they seem to me to be less narcissistic than TiMs. Their motive for trooning out usually isn't fetishistic. They don't get off on invading opposite-sex spaces.

Some of them fetishize gay men but gay men are usually able to successfully tell them to fuck off. They may cry about it but don't become aggressively intrusive sex pests like "lesbian" TiMs. Why? Because they're women with female socialization. They go cry to themselves when rejected whereas the men with male get aggro and redouble their efforts. Classic behavioral traits of their natal sexes!


Aside from some really obnoxious ones like VCRWolfe they don't really strike me as being anywhere near as prevalent or obnoxious as their inverse, which makes me think a lot of "MtFs" are AGPs/fetishists gumming up the works and that given the higher prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in men the "autism--->troon" causal connection might have a fair degree of merit to it.

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The amount of "well they're not as bad as TiMs" or "I feel bad for them most of the time" is making me lose my faith in some of you. They're just as delusional/fucked up and shouldn't be tolerated.
Even if some of these women have had a history of abuse it still doesn't make it okay for them to transition into things that one, won't fix their mental issues surrounding the trauma, and two, it will only lead to more destruction. Especially if these women go full troon and go with HRT and/or SRS. They are still the same sort of people who will cry "violence" about being misgendered.
Hell, most TiF I find are just using it for woke/special snowflake points anyway. Most of these girls don't even bother to appear androgynous. If you want to break the gender "binary" then don't be a pussy. You have no right to sit there and demand that you not be referred by female pronouns, and that you even "hate them", but you are perfectly okay wearing thigh highs and a miniskirt and your new nickname is still some feminine sounding name like "Tracy" or some shit.

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Individually they're not nearly as obnoxious as MTFs, but I still get the feeling most of them are just fag hags of yesteryear reframing their gay man fetish as gender dysphoria.
Milo Stewart is pretty representative of most of the ones I've met IRL.
Pretty much, I haven't met one in real life but the one's I see online are usually obsessed with k-pop/boybands and shipping male characters together which is sad since it's likely they'll grow out of that phase and be stuck with a deep male voice.

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I actually have a FtM friend that I didn't know was trans until very recently. She has facial hair and a boyish-man voice and is like 40 or something so I didn't really think about it much. Only normalish trans person I have ever met but now that I know she's trans it kinda strains the relationship a bit.

FtMs have been exceptionally rare in the trans community so it's hard to really gauge how crazy they are, but this new wave of FtMs is certainly proving itself to be as obnoxious as any MtFs out there.


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No patience for them. Expect me to treat you like a man, and I'll treat you like the 5'1" whiny, fat, muscleless man you pretend to be. People aren't nice to men like that, Aiden.
In reality though I've treated every FtM I've ever met like a woman and I've yet to run into any trouble. What, are they gonna try to fight me?


They're just as insufferable and spergy but a lot more meek than mtfs. They always shove themselves into men's spaces and issues while simultaneously putting down bio men down for being cis or something and fetishising gay men.
Almost all the ones I've met irl and online have autism/asperger's/adhd whatever, to tell you the truth I think it's genuine poor socialization as result of some form of neglect or abuse which in turn leads them to feel isolated and unable to relate other women, particularly those with autism so they must be men. Again pure speculation based on my experience.