What do guys here think of trans men? -

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Just curious, I only know what I, a woman, think of trans women and their behaviour in general. I'd like to hear the other side of it.

Edit: cheers for all the answers. I'd also like to ask, is there ever a component of feeling insulted that they are basically doing blackface of your entire gender? I feel this way about MTFs for the most part, even the HSTS are mostly benign but still seem to be attention seekers just parodying us. But I have no idea if it's true in reverse.
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As far as I know, Autoandrophilia is not a thing (probably because women dont have a body part they could pretend is their penis like men can pretend their anus is a vagina for autogynephiles).

I dont, for the most part, hate troons. I think AGPs are pathetic and disgusting, and I think other MtF troons are losers who transition primarily because they seek to receive the same positive attention that they see women getting and feel there is no way to attain that as a male.

FtMs dont seem to be fetishists, they seem to be women who cannot handle the social pressure of being female, and assume that there is no social pressure to being male. Or, increasingly, they are young white women who get bullied for being "boring" by their LGBT classmates. I think they're weak, but I think all women are weak, so that's not really a surprise.

Better than troons. Worse than women. Women are already pretty shit.

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Ugly woman turning into manlets is not real a problem for anybody.

Who cares if they Cry? they are men now and nobody cares if men cry about stupid shit.
It doesn't change the fact that they were born as women, and conditioned as women. They won't ever adhere themselves to the social etiquette and "rules" that is placed on natal men. It's why I judge them as harshly as I do the MtFs.


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The amount of "well they're not as bad as TiMs" or "I feel bad for them most of the time" is making me lose my faith in some of you. They're just as delusional/fucked up and shouldn't be tolerated.

Fucked up people deserve compassion, not scorn. You don't change their minds by mistreating them or looking down at them.


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I don’t mind them. I’ve known a few in real life and initially I thought some of them were gay/effeminate men... others were more obvious.

I do find it’s unfortunate in the sense that many don’t fit what they perceive as ideal femininity so they troon out. Just because someone has a negative self image, it doesn’t mean that they should go under the knife. I noticed a lot of them, when they were younger, had mostly male friends.

They are mentally ill and being taken advantage of. There are no silver bullets that will instantly make life better and tbh surgery doesn’t really change who someone is... my advice would be to learn to love oneself because one will never have an ideal body and if someone is looking for a flaw in themselves they’ll find one.

I know they can be loony, but I do pity them more than transwomen. I suspect this is because of neurology because logically I should interpret them in the same way/have similar levels of pity. I theorize that men are wired in such a way that there’s more of an instinct to help a mentally ill women than a mentally ill man, even if they’re not attracted to the woman in dire straights. Likewise, I suspect men are wired to see another mentally ill man as a threat, and perhaps one that should be destroyed, not helped.

I can understand why some men hate them, especially if they’re gay and/or a manlet. This is because there are quite a few that transition to live out their yaoi fetish and I could see how such a person would be pissed if they got paddled repeatedly, constantly harassed, and likely has small dog syndrome.

I’m going to do my best to not beat around the bush... for any prospective transmen, men won’t help you if you pass... there is no brotherhood or bro code. Men don’t give each other emotional or physical support at all unless they’re very close ie siblings, best friends, or a gay couple. I’ve found that some transmen were expecting to hack ‘the patriarchy’ and were surprised how cold men, especially heterosexual men, are to each other. There’s a reason that militaries, gangs, and fraternities try to play off being a larger brotherhood or family because outside of those sort of institutions there is nothing. Brotherhood is largely a work of fiction found in action films and fantasy novellas.

A lot of transmen expect life to be easier but having a dick won’t help you skirt the rules. 99/100 if a guy gets away with something it’s because they’re loaded with cash or more likely their parents are. If a parent says ‘boys will be boys’ what they mean is that they suck at parenting and are incapable of holding their children accountable. If they have daughters they’re likely to be off the wall nuts too and will say something along the lines of ‘you know how kids are...’ If you’re poor and expecting to play off the patriarchy to get out of a speeding ticket, you’ll have another thing coming.

There’s an interesting book if you’d like a read on this subject in more detail.

The other thing to keep in mind is if you pass, men are more likely to target you violently, especially if you’re living in a poor community and seen as weak ie a smaller gay man. The vast majority of murders are men on men violence. A lot of criminals like to target smaller and weaker men because that’s seen more positively in certain circles than going after women or children.

Even the threat of sexual violence won’t go away, especially in locker room type environments and in poorer communities,. A lot of rape is more about humiliation and hurting the victim than it is about sexual attraction. It can also happen as part of hazing and as a way to create a pecking order, and some sports teams basically treat it as an unofficial rite of passage.... So trooning out to avoid sexual assault is not the best idea either, especially if you are attending high school or university, are in a poor community, active in sports, smaller than the average male, come across as a gay man, and intend on using the male locker room.

Lastly, if you’re trying to live out a gay sexual fantasy, you’ll find that gay men will not be interested in you, you’d have better luck with bi men and if you haven’t surgically altered your vagina straight men.. Honestly, your best shot would be to not transition and just find a guy that likes less feminine women (they exist, especially in IT and nerdy circles) who’d be willing to role play behind closed doors. You can get off your rocks, can avoid costly/ineffective surgery, and live a relatively normal life.

There’s nothing wrong with having more male friends (make sure to set boundaries and avoid Chris Chan tier autists), liking male interests, or even preferring men’s clothing (better pockets). It doesn’t make you less of a woman or less of a person and anyone who tells you otherwise can fuck off.

Tldr: chopping off your tits won’t make your life easier nor will it necessarily prevent sexual violence.
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Gay man here. FtM trans people are quickly becoming as bad as MtFs with their sexual entitlement and intrusion into gay spaces.

One of the finalists for Mr Gay UK right now is an FtM who claims that gay men love to fuck her in the pussy. And if you say she (or any other TiF) is a heterosexual interloper who's disregarding gay men's sexual boundaries, you get called a bigot.

I get that a lot of them troon out because they don't like their bodies being sexualized by men, but that doesn't justify their invasive, fetishistic behavior toward gay men, whom they view as "safer" than their straight counterparts. So no, I don't really have any patience for FtMs.


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Depends on how far into their sex they are when they try to spec into the other.

A generally masculine woman with wide shoulders, large hands and a height of around 5'8 is probably going to make a convincing enough man.

A waifish man of 5 feet tall with delicate features, a small frame and lack of natural body hair could pass as a lady.

Where it gets funny to me is when you're a 6'4 nigga with linebacker shoulders, an ape's brow ridge, catcher's mitt hands, a beer gut and a thick neck trying to transition into anything other than a Fist of The North Star character.

Or as the thread asks, you're a 4'11 big lipped wide-eyed, small headed double-D breasted, round faced, 3% muscle mass embodiment of femininity and you think a scraggly beard and a hat can hide that.


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My first instinct was to say, only a man who is homosexual would have sex with a trans guy. But then I remembered, homosexual men don’t want to have sex with trans men because homosexual men are attracted to men. So you have to be DOUBLE homosexual to have sex with a trans man.


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Fucked up people deserve compassion, not scorn. You don't change their minds by mistreating them or looking down at them.
The compassion given to trans people has paved the path to hell for homosexuals. Er, the non biblical path to hell.
To give compassion to FtMs is to invite them to continue to hate their body, live a lie, pester gay men, and desperately try to get other young women to join them.