What do troons actually think a woman is?

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Jun 27, 2020
Typical troon logic states that a person identifies as whatever gender they think they are. However, seeing as troons also believe that gender is unattached to biology, genetics, or social determinism, it becomes unclear how someone can identify as something that has no clear definition.

They may throw out lazy excuses such as someone expressing more "masculine" or "feminine" traits being trans men or women respectively, but they will also be quick to say that a man doesn't have to act or look perfectly like a man to be a man and vice versa, contradicting their ideology.

So what exactly is a man or a woman? How can troons identify as something they can't properly describe? Do they think changing their gender is identical to changing their name?


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Apr 18, 2019
How can troons identify as something they can't properly describe?
It's a fetish-based attraction to the concept of what an individual troon believes a woman is.
See, before troons became popular, feminism was gearing up to destroy gender roles. However, this is the antithesis to trooning out - if a man can wear makeup and a dress, why bother calling himself a woman? - and the movement was culled in exchange for adding the T to LGBQ.

Do they think changing their gender is identical to changing their name?
Probably, since they do that in conjunction.

You should look up more troons on the Farms, each has their own general reasons that ultimately, however deep/shallow, add up to fetish-related desires.
You saw this way back in the day with guys who pretended to be women in text chats and videogames before VOIP was as common or expected, but today instead of men pretending to be lesbians online it's men pretending to be lesbians in real life.

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Oct 5, 2019
Imagine all the stupid, terrible, cliched things you've seen about women in the last 60 years on TV, in movies or whatever else consoomers consoom. That's what they think a woman is. If you're a normal woman and don't act like that then you're not a real woman, no ifs ands or buts about it you TERF CHUD nazi transphobe.


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Aug 5, 2019
Well their main argument is that not all women can have children.
Some do think it is like changing socks.


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Mar 21, 2021
I was watching one of null's streams and he mentioned how the vast majority of transexuals are just incels, which makes sense to me. Genuinely most of them I've met have been just losers who couldn't make it as a guy. But maybe he's biased by only ever seeing troons through the internet and headlines. I've met plenty of normie transexuals who could get pussy pre-transition quite easily.

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Jun 3, 2016

This, faggot.
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Jan 23, 2015
My favorite part is how seemingly an overwhelming majority of them stereotype women--vicariously, through the way they try to express their transition-- through such an astoundingly sexist filter that it becomes barely anything more than misogyny in frilly clothing. It's not enough for them to just identify as female, they have to go balls-to-the-wall (Pun intended) and wear all the girliest Barbie shit that they can find, usually wind up with some rapidly-growing collection of sex toys, fish net stockings, and hooker boots, and then constantly use language that's so sexually aggressive that it's legitimately grotesque.

I've somehow managed to run across an unusual number of transgender people throughout my life, and even made friends with quite a few of them, but they invariably possess all the same sorts of traits. They're hyper-reactionary and will fly to 11 at the drop of a hat, excessively emotional to the point where people with extreme bipolar disorders would tell them to chill out, aggressively sexual to such a degree that it's obviously some sort of nymphomaniacal compulsion that makes you desperately avoid any topics or even words that could be loosely interpreted as sexual, and they always become incredibly defensive around any woman they perceive as some sort of threat, which is.. Most women, to be impolitely honest.

What's curious is that they always focus on what makes a woman aesthetically a female. It's always surface-level observation, every time. Be it the clothes, the make-up, the genitals, and to a less-aesthetic extent, what they perceive to be a woman's sex drive, even though they've clearly plucked it from their abnormally large hoard of Japanese cartoons, because they... Always seem to be obsessed with anime. But when you set aside all of the desperate efforts to make themselves outwardly appear to be female--regardless of whether or not that succeeds-- they fail to understand what makes a woman a woman.

I've yet to meet one who was a 'nest-builder' or a 'home-maker' and to the best of my memory I've yet to meet one that also didn't outright hate children. James Damore's memo always pops into my head during this sort of conversation because he outlined two very specific differences between men and women, namely that women are more interested in people and men are always more interested in things, hence why men are unavoidably always going to be the top 99 in every list of 100 programmers or strange shut-in jobs and hobbies, because women, on average and to a very large extent, do not operate well in isolation and are more concerned with building their social circles and their families than they are much of anything else.

This is also not a trait that I've ever seen a trans person adopt, either pre- or post-transition, and the inverse is just as true for FtM as it is for MtF, because if it were the case, we'd see significantly larger groups of FtM people cropping up in the tech and gaming industries and we'd see a rapid rise in MtF people popping up in.. I don't know, Oprah or home cooking channels or something. Can you name even a single FtM personality in gaming, speed-running and tech circles, or are these industries filled with MtF people?

Their perception of women always begins and ends at the aesthetic, because that's just how the male brain categorizes things, especially when it's essentially been 'trained'--through what I can only assume is a constant stream of pornography and shitty cartoons--to view women, and by extension feminity, as little more than sexual. Granted, all of these opinions are generally why my friendships with trans people seem to only last a handful of months at best, but I've yet to encounter any evidence that leads me to believe that transgendered people are not just gay people who were struck with a mental crisis and veered down the wrong road instead of resolving it properly.

This opinion is only bolstered by the fact that I have yet, not so much as a single time, ever met a trans person who was not raised in an extremely abusive environment. It's definitely not a popular opinion in those circles, but if I see something that appears in 100% of all cases I've encountered, I'm not particularly inclined to just dismiss it as coincidence.


Jun 10, 2020
Its really just mental illness, and certainly not handled in a decent way.

How I view the phenomena relates a lot to this page. I think the delusion manifests itself in different ways, but the way it may have been once upon a time was better handled and in ways better approached by the people who suffered from it. Its really the 2010s that saw this just go wild.

I don't know much about the stats overall, but I get the feeling that a lot of people today are trooning out due to autogynephilia, whereas before there may have been other reasons. Its all mental illness, even the non autogynephilic reasons, but if someone is trooning out due to autogynephilia, by definition, their view of a woman is pretty much going to be some perverted fetishistic thing. Guessing this is also why "rapid onset gender dysphoria" is happening (which hasn't historically), because puberty hits and guys get this paraphilia and now the sissy hypno convinces them that they have to be trans.

Good site from Web 1.0, the woman has some pretty good insight on the phenomena and considering this used to be the approach to transgenderism and how sober her analysis is, it just shows how the place we are currently at is just so much more fucked up.

Something from the site that did stick with me was that she was very, very adamant that if someone was in their 40s, had a family, and had these thoughts, it was best to just get on prozac or some other anti-depressant. Knowing how prominant trans widows are and how confusing and fucked up kids lives can get when a parent troons out, you'd think adult troon fathers would actually put that into consideration and do the honorable thing in not trying to be a burden on the rest of the family and put their interests above their own. I mean, isn't that what a man is supposed to do? But, these are mentally ill non-men, so I guess that also fits in with their narcissism. Thats why we laugh




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Jul 28, 2020
a privileged class who gets a free pass to live on easy mode and always has a get out jail free card and free praise, free sex and free money without any effort.

As soon as they come out as troonsgendered they will act like they are entitled to all these things they thought all women were privy of so they start ebegging , attention whoring, and using their gender as a shield from criticism. Too bad only beautiful women get any kind of special treatment in society and even then no women is truly safre from abuse and criticism, specially from other women.

Fujoshis think the same thing about males, they bought the feminist idea of male privilege wholesale, so they expect to troon out and suddenly enter the fantastic male club of world dominance where everyone is a bro and uplifted with no effort, instead of being immediately dismissed as sad faggots who at best look like manlet twinks that no one takes seriously.