What do troons actually think a woman is?

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Sep 4, 2018
I can't find the quote, but I remember some tranny writer who wrote that "a woman is a wet hole, warm and inviting, ready to be fucked" or something along those lines.

To AGPs women are that; holes, made for fucking. They think that about any woman, from the cutesy squeaky anime girl to the bombshell actress to the fairly cute cashier at Starbucks. Ugly women, butch lesbians, and older women don't exist to them, and they do not envision themselves as such. To be woman is to be an orifice that gets a dick shoved into it. With some fancy decorations for flavor, ie makeup, dresses, cat ears, programmer socks etc.

Trannies are the ultimate misogynists. I'd feel safer around the average Stormfront user than a tranny. Hell I've known self-proclaimed MGTOW and incels who weren't that hateful towards women. Those aforementioned groups don't seek to infiltrate, corrupt and destroy the very meaning of the word woman and wear it like a skinsuit.


Jun 11, 2019
Men become women because they think women are inferior. Women become men because they see themselves as failures. "Fail as a man and you can blame society, women, status, looks, etc. Fail as a woman and you can only blame yourself."

That's what I figure, anyway.


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Jul 28, 2020
I think the popularity of drag queens hasn't helped either.

The troons see the drag queens and think "ah I can do that" and fail miserably as the sheer amount of effort that goes into a drag queens performance(make up, clothing, body mods etc) . It's the same as teens watching the beauty bloggers who end up with orange streaks. Lack of talent and/or skill.

But in response to the question , troons think woman is a certain way of dressing or speaking or acting but I don't think you can reduce womanhood down to any thing simple. For example some people may say that its the ability to bear children, but not all women are able to do this.
drag queens never try to pass as real women though, drag queens always look like drag queens, which its is own whitewashed incredibly misoginistic thing (its how gay men blackface women and its centered around exagerating all negative stereotypes of women as a form of insult)

i've notice a lot of friction between trannies, femboys, crossdressers and drag queens. Like they always want to draw the line but much more than drag queens i think femboys and traps are the ones that truly offend trannies way more deeply, hence the constant hate online in tranny circles because they not only pass way better but never even try to claim they are women, some traps even claim to be straight males and just dress for attention whoring, Femboys are just gay twinks, it throws shade in the troon logic of "i like female clothes and other superficial female coded things hence i am an true and honest female"
but turns out a dress is just a dress, not your whole identity.


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Mar 10, 2021
It's a odd thing. It's like you romanticize and fantasies the other gender in the strangest ways. Seems like people from all walks of life and status do this and it can get very odd. For a example some male autogynephiliacs will try to simulate the menstrual cycle. Some people get really far into this and others don't. You don't understand women but it's easy to believe you do. It's strange how easy it is because it is almost fact defying.

I was watching one of null's streams and he mentioned how the vast majority of transexuals are just incels, which makes sense to me. Genuinely most of them I've met have been just losers who couldn't make it as a guy. But maybe he's biased by only ever seeing troons through the internet and headlines. I've met plenty of normie transexuals who could get pussy pre-transition quite easily.
I know I feel like a Incel and had dark periods in my life where I felt women were inaccessible to me but mostly stemming from the school environment. Now I just want to avoid the changes the relationship would bring. I can feel ashamed about my social status with women and have sex with men at the same time but before that I lived my life straight.
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Aug 2, 2020
Troons' views of women and womanhood are completely distorted by years of pornography or their own untreated paraphilic fetishes. They're more than happy to use identity politics against real natal born women when it suits them to gain oppression points and woke pity.


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Aug 12, 2017
I've yet to meet one who was a 'nest-builder' or a 'home-maker' and to the best of my memory I've yet to meet one that also didn't outright hate children. James Damore's memo always pops into my head during this sort of conversation because he outlined two very specific differences between men and women, namely that women are more interested in people and men are always more interested in things, hence why men are unavoidably always going to be the top 99 in every list of 100 programmers or strange shut-in jobs and hobbies, because women, on average and to a very large extent, do not operate well in isolation and are more concerned with building their social circles and their families than they are much of anything else.
I agree with the side about men being more interested in things, but would say that women are nearly always more interested in living things. You've got the crazy cat lady stereotype, and the crazy guy building stuff in a shed stereotype. Neither of them are social people. Besides, men who are into team sports or in the army are very social in a way that seems to be quite rare in women outside of their families.

I've known various couples with the kind of 'autistic traits' that mean it's probably a good thing that couple doesn't have a kid because the kid would be full-on autistic and 'tarded, and they still nearly always have this sex difference. The guy is an inventor or he restores classic cars or bikes, and the woman is a gardener who can identify every fucking kind of tulip, or she breeds an endangered species of canary or something. There is some overlap, but women who want to be frontline soldiers and men who want a career in childcare are probably tiny minorities. Women who don't like kids usually like plants and animals, and men who don't like kids usually like gadgets and toys.

I'm inclined to agree with Blanchard about there being two kinds of trannies, the 'autogynephilia' kind which are always straight men, and the other kind which includes gay men and women and confused children. Autogynephiles' motivation is probably sadomasochistic and has nothing to do with actual differences between sexes, mainly because you can love cats or build computers regardless of what genitals you have or whether people call you him or her, and no amount of surgery or hormones can make a male pregnant or a female capable of impregnation. Even the MtF who are obsessed with pregnancy and childbirth seem to be so from a fetish perspective as if giving birth is passing a huge dildo and it makes them 'real women', not because they want a kid to care for. So I'm going to say troons think a woman is the masochistic fantasy of being the recipient of their own sadistic urges.