What do you do if Chris DMs you on Twitter? - Asking for a friend.

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One of my artist friends got DMed on Twitter from Chris Chan. He told her he wanted to talk to her because he admires her and he was sad that her friends had blocked him instead of blocking “actual online bullies who do real harassing”. He said he just wanted her to listen and talk with her friends about unblocking him.
Now, she went to her Discord server for advice and I honsetly didn’t know what to say. It’s a pretty funny situation and my first instinct was to tell her to block him. :story:
I think he’d probably try to flirt with her and make her uncomfortable or use her to get to her friends. Should she even respond at all or?
For some context, she told us that she does know who Chris is and has seen a few of the documentaries and stuff about him on YouTube. She’s well aware of the drama that happens when you get too tangled up in his life and doesn’t want to make a wrong move.
What should I tell her? :thinking:
You guys know more about him than I do.


Tell her to string him along for a few months pretending to be romantically interested, then get him to make a video of himself banging a love doll while shouting "JULAY!"

Seriously though, tell her to block him before she gets caught up in some sort of CWC shitstorm.
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