What do you do if Chris DMs you on Twitter? - Asking for a friend.

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The second is he will try to guilt trip those he wants something out. "You won't talk to me because you support my bullying", "you won't give me a chance because you like to hurt others", "I'm always being bullied, and you're just making it worse.
Pretty sure that's the Barbara Anne Weston Boleyn Chandler influence: "I will kill myself if you" go the the My Little Pony show/throw away my hoard/don't stop shitting in your bed etc. Consciously or subconsciously, he learned that from Barb. It's a very manipulative behavior.
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Most stories that come from his travel to cons seem to say he has a naive innocence to him. Yes, Chris is a creep. But I'd like to be an optimist for him having some sort of redeeming qualities.
A few brony people have said that Chris is okay, an overwhelming majority have said he's a handsy creep, who farts in public and won't keep his lips to himself.

You should keep in perspective that Chris is a weirdo on the internet. Worst he'll do is keep sending messages on social media. Comparing him to Eliot Rodger and saying people need to "safely stay away" from him is blowing things out of proportion.
While I agree that's within the context of the Internet, some women who naively befriended him out of sympathy and opportunity have said he is creepy pervert, who can't keep his hands to himself. I think this woman is lucky she hasn't run into in real life. Everyone forgets tha this is the same "person" who has made and sent sex videos to several people including people who might be underage. As well as the same guy who asked a woman what it felt to have a vagina. Yup, just a lovable tard with a 5' O clock shadow and an eternal case of mud butt.

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If she is smart, she will ignore and block him. There is no good that can come to her from doing anything else.

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Most stories that come from his travel to cons seem to say he has a naive innocence to him. Yes, Chris is a creep. But I'd like to be an optimist for him having some sort of redeeming qualities.
Yeah, that's because those are guys. This is a young (probably reasonably attractive) woman. This is closer to being Doopie than it is autistic brony.
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Alright she responded with “ok, this is for the sake of Christory, my brethren.”
Here it is, with the identifying names and such censored.
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So yea, it looks like he’s just trying to use her to get to other people.
"I do not mean this as a sob story...."

Fuck you. Every single time you talk to anyone new you start off with "You must know me, I'm famous for my plagiarized kiddie shit, and I'm a mega victim... =( Let me tell you all about it..."

I hope she blocked him right there with no reply. That's the best outcome.


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I'd just tell her to block and ignore him as others have said.

Getting tangled up with Chris is not good for anyone, he's very unpredictable as to how he will react and take certain things. He's not violent like Elliot Rodger but he takes things how he wants to take them and there's no real rhyme or reason to to it half the time. I'm also going to guess that your friend's artist friend or whoever who blocked Chris probably blocked him for a reason and he's just trying to circumvent that.

If she responds she might get just a really awkward conversation with a socially maladjusted autist who is showing early signs of schizo-typical disorders and has nearly no grasp on what is and isn't reality or she'll get that same person being convinced they are soul mates. It's really a dice roll and that's not even counting trolls and him dragging her into his bullshit thinking they're friends because she didn't play kick the autistic in the first few nanoseconds of contact.

I'll put it this way, if Chris Chan ever actually messages me on twitter I'm smashing that block button so goddamn hard it'll actually punch Jack in the face.


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Chris certainly deserves his circumstances probably aside his Autism. Most folks that meet Chris in real life seem to agree he's a sweet guy.
Until he starts groping you and drawing horrifying porn of you and posting it to the Internet, then stalking you for the next 10+ years like Megan.

Megan literally had to threaten him that she had a gun just this year because he was threatening to visit her.


Realistically speaking, she shouldn't talk to Chris, or at least make it clear that she doesn't want to be friends with him. If all else fails, then she should block/ignore him.


Ignore him and block his sock account(s) and anyone on his behalf, be it wéen or White Knight.

Although the latter two shouldn't be a problem as long as Chris doesn't namedrop your friend.


Tell him that you spoke to [whatever her name is. Doopie 2.0], and she feels really bad and agreed to unblock him and maybe hang out sometime, but only after he posts a video of him shoving his Sonichu medallion up his pooper and making an Official Announcement that Clyde Cash is the Mayor of CWCville forever and ever no takesies backsies.

[But for real, I can't imagine why Chris keeps getting fucked over, doing stuff like DMing strangers, saying he needs them in order to solve this bullshit issue that he clearly has an unhealthy fixation on. "Here, stranger- please, take this leverage over me on this 100% trivial issue, and also let me stress how extremely over-invested I am in this dumb, inconsequential bullshit ..." But it's such a mystery how people keep taking advantage of Chris and getting him to do dumb shit. Well, whatever the answer is, it's obviously nothing that Chris has any responsibility for at all.]
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@The Silver Shroud honestly would suggest just blocking and moving on.

If your friend starts contact by trying to explain anything, Chris will not care. He will not get it. He will continue to use your friend as a point of contact to get to the person he actually wants to talk to.

Literally nothing good comes with interacting with Chris.
This. It's a modern autistic version of summoning a demon for three wishes. You end up getting fucked...
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Not recommending it in this situation, but it would be funny if somebody that he contacted proceeded to out Chris him. Basically just reply to whatever he says with a bunch of big, long, nonsense messages about themselves no matter what he says. "If ya'll don't know me by now" and they reply with a big rambling message about nothing. "B-b-but Sonichu Rosechu…." and just ignore everything he says and keep talking about themselves. Love to see Chris be the one to give up and break contact for once.
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