What do you do when you're feeling like shit? -


Driving does wonders for me. I live near a bunch of pecan farms and some of the highways cut through them, so it's a great way to get some scenery in. I'll also listen to some classic rock and I'll go buy myself a treat like ice cream or a shake or something sweet and sugary.

Watching stupidly funny Youtube videos also helps me. Probably the best thing though is just talking to someone. It doesn't matter about what, just as long as I can have some sort of communication going.


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I go to In-N-Out, get a double-double and pay for the car behind me as well. It's stupid, but it always cheers me up.


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When I feel like shit. I do most of the following things.

Spending time with my dogs
Video games
Looking at these forums
Listening to music/podcast


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  • Play vidya
  • Listen to music
  • Watch something that makes me laugh
  • Spend time with my dogs
  • Take a bath or nap
Basically everything that's already been mentioned.

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talk to my dad
watch funny videos on YouTube
write down why I feel crappy in a journal

Sometimes just feeling bad and realizing it's OK can help - you're going to have bad days, that's part of life


Look forward to the day ending so I can sleep and dream.

For people with chronic depression, it's weird how a good dream can alter your brain the next day.


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High intensity cardio work out, for an hour or two.
Since I work out a lot, it doesn't always work so I go and look for cute bird videos
I watch this video when I'm super bummed
Knowing birds are adorable and ridiculous make the world worth living in
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My coping methods:

1. Distract myself with mindlessly repetitive games.
2. Listen to music, but nothing too intense because feels.
3. Heavy exercise until I'm too wiped out to think.
4. Look up funny stuff.
5. Try to do something productive.


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Easy reading or watching. I usually retreat to Harry Potter or the movie The Apartment.

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Felt like SHIT today. Played new Vegas forever. Introduced Pinot Grigio since my Heartsweet is a wine virgin (weird right) and we drank a 1.5 L tonight. Very nice. Very nice indeed.