What do you do when you're feeling like shit? -

Bronchitis that Lingers

a sequined trainwreck
When my boyfriend pisses me off I secretly slip diviner's sage into his weed and play scary movies late at night so that he is guaranteed to freak out and stay up all night worrying if he's going to die at any moment.
This cracked me up, reminded me of a similar moment I had: four years ago I dated this complete douche and we had a terrarium for our baby Colombian red tail. I don't know how much you know about snake shit, but it's disgusting and gets everywhere in the terrarium and continues to REALLY SMELL so you have to scrape it off one way or another.
Ex liked to play passive aggressive games so I brushed the snake shit off with a toothbrush.
I'm sure you can guess who's toothbrush it was.


The good gamer, bad gamer routine
Just got back from 5-a-side soccer (well 3-a-side because nobody shows up these days) and I'm feeling awesome.

Here's the album I listened to as I walked home:


Internet Wildlife Expert
*Powerlevel powerlevel powerlevel*, so when I feel like shit, it really helps me to take an hour nap. Sometimes I'll take a small break from social media. There's a lot of evidence out there that suggests social media isn't very good for one's psyche, and I found I generally feel better when I'm away from all the Facebook and related BS. Also, sometimes I just lay in bed and play a relaxing mobile game, or I'll play something really casual on my 3DS. Helps a lot!

Jace E. Denton

Apprentice Asshole
Sometimes I just hold my breath and try to kind of 'pause' for about 15 seconds or so, just allowing my mind to basically empty. It sounds cliché, but it really works for me, helps me wind down and then everything is a lot easier to handle. By the time I breathe again, I end up with the mindset that very little in life is worth being upset over.

It helps to do something afterwards, too. Partake in what is considered a mindful activity, like reading or playing a video game, whatever your thing is. Just remember that nobody has ever actually benefitted from any sort of worrying, it is a complete waste of time. You will feel so much more powerful in life if you can learn to stay on top of your own problems and negative feelings. You can't enjoy life if you let it control you, because life is a bitch and will fuck you blind if you give her the chance.

Prophetic Spirit

"I'm a sex symbol. You gotta deal with it!"
Actually feeling like shit inspires me to writing a complex plot involving a sad dead of a main character in my project, and creating consequences in the 3rd part of that.


can even be grilled
TMI, yeah, but I have severe clinical depression that comes and goes. When I hit a low point I usually talk with friends online, call my mom or crash into slumber. Usually I wake up slightly better after a nap.


Concern dismissals all around.
As of late, my method of coping is accomplishing small tasks. I might make the bed before I go to work, put dishes away, read some pages in my book, or log steps on my fitness watch.

So if the rest of the day is hot garbage or brings in another 2020 headline, at least the sink is empty. The bed is made. I can say I did something.