What do you guys think is going to the next Moral panic/outrage after SJWism dies out? - You know there's going to be one.


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Feminism will go back under ground within the next ten years and with it the 'sjw'. Over the next 8-12 there will be an attempt to bring back Bush jr era state loyalty assuming he republicans win at least 2 of the 3 elections. If that happens then people will simply stop talking to people who they oppose. Political violence will reach its peak and no one will care. If the Dems win at least 2 of the next 3 elections then their will be an extension of social programmes. Republicans will gripe as they cash their state given bux. Things will cool off as every single piece of the nation is sold off to globalists and no one will have the strength to fight it. The next generation will go full fash.


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Honestly, I'd say with the SJW's doing what they are currently doing and how they got to where they are now, I'd say we're due for another conservative backlash similar to the rise of Reagan in the 1980's, only with a more secular approach.

There's no way the Religious Right can ever come back to its former prominence outside of a few Bible Belt localities, and even those will start to secularize as the Boomers continue to die off of old age. Even the other conservatives and right-wingers don't like the Religious Right and Neo-Conservative types, as both camps ended up being an albatross around the Republican Party's neck in the Bush years in a manner similar to how the SJW's are starting to become for the Democrats now.

Honestly, Trump was just the earliest inkling of the pendulum swinging back, and if he gets re-elected in 2020 (and currently it looks very likely) this will only accelerate things further.

People assume that the current SJW moral outrage brigade is entirely astroturfed, and I would disagree. I do agree that it is partially astroturfed and a lot of the major Silicon Valley corporations are backing the plays of the SJW's in every way conceivable, but a lot of that is because of the relatively new field of Web 2.0 and the unfortunate fact that all the major companies are largely unchallenged monopolies.

I mean, if the Internet and corporate media landscape in its current form existed back in the 90's and early 2000's, I'd imagine we'd see similar astroturfing for the Religious Right and Neo-Conservatives, possibly silencing opposition to the War On Terror and similar issues. Others have pointed this out in other threads and honestly I am inclined to agree with them.

I am predicting the next moral outrage/moral panic will have its roots in a backlash against current SJW culture and the mega-corporations enabling them, and will most likely start to emerge in the mid-2020's to early 2030's, depending on the outcome of the 2020 election and maybe the 2022 mid-terms as well.

Personally, I am inclined to believe it will be like the Reagan backlash against the leftism of the 1960's and 1970's, but unlike Reagan, it would not be driven by Religious Right/Neocon types but instead be of a more secular populist or libertarian bent.

TL;DR-The next moral panic is anyone's guess at this point, but I'd figure the demise of the current SJW movement will be in the form of a conservative revival similar to the Reagan Revolution in the early 80's, only less Moral Majority and more "South Park Republican"
Personally I think we're going to see a revival of the Nationalist American Pride that defined the 1980s.


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Pedophillia acceptance, furry acceptance (Like, mainstream tv shows will start adding token characters), Vegetarianism will become more aggressive and their will be mass campaigning for people to stop being "unethical" in exercising their freedom of consumption.
SJWism will never die, I think that as their ideas don't really work in reality, more and more extreme rationalisations for their philosophy will come about, and basically they will become so fanatical and puritanical that normies will not want to bandwagon with them anymore.

Sprig of Parsley

Pedo acceptance hitting the mainstream will cause the mother of all backlashes. Right now pedo acceptance is still kind of in utero, gestating, but the moment it's "born" into mainstream thought it will get smothered in the fucking hospital bassinet (and good riddance). Furry acceptance implies they rate highly enough on the give-a-fuck-ometer to be eligible. The other shades of deviance within furry will be purged with fire the instant furry goes actual mainstream. The Burned Furs shit is going to look like a sputtering candle compared to the flames that will consume the furry fandom at that time. It'll probably be momentous for the furfags and maybe 2 percent of the general populace will give a fuck.

Vegetarians ain't gonna do shit. Though I'd be all for getting rid of factory farming operations. Y'all need to eat less meat, anyway, you fat fucks.

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Remember Dino Crisis?
My best guesses is that the next cultural zeitgeist following the inevitable mainstream backlash against SJW's will be either a secular equivalent of the Reagan Revolution from the early 80's with an increased focus on conservatism and American patriotism or a more firm return to the short-lived zeitgeist of edgy-yet-still-progressive fedora liberalism that was around in the late 2000's and very early 2010's as described by @Judge Holden

I mean, there was a very brief period from about 2007-2011 where the Neocons and Religious Right types of the Bush era had failed and been largely de-fanged (but weren't completely irrelevant like they became post-2016) while the forerunners of what would become the SJW movement were largely underground or confined to specific circles such as college campuses, left-leaning West Coast cities like Seattle and San Francisco, or the Punk subculture.

Honestly, it was a weird time both politically and culturally as everyone had finally realized the War On Terror was an utter disaster from the start and then the Great Recession happened, throwing the country into chaos, and stuff like Web 2.0 and social media as we know it began to take their current forms.

In terms of pop culture, you had the Seventh Generation of Video Games making gaming somewhat kind of mainstream while not being the over-politicized shit show it is now (at least not at first) and openly admitting you liked "geek culture" was no longer something that would get you shunned, but it wasn't quite yet the fad it would become for most of the 2010's.

It was that time where Jack Thompson got disbarred and ceased to be relevant, while Anita Sarkeesian was a "literally who?" figure for all intents and purposes, as were most of the lunatics currently involved on both sides of the culture wars.

Everyone knew Obama would win in 2008, but a lot of people (including many liberals and Democrats) generally thought he would be a one-term president because of the mess he inherited from Bush.

Then the SJW began in earnest with Occupy Wall Street and the re-election of Obama in 2012, followed by the federal legalization of same-sex marriage that led to a "now what?" moment for the greater LGBT movement (allowing the troon fringe to take over) and then the violent rise of Black Lives Matter and the utterly insane farce that was GamerGate galvanized the SJW Left into its current form, and the 2016 election sent them into overdrive.

Also, as Judge Holden pointed out, there was a sense of PC culture that was becoming prevalent in the late 90's under Clinton. It was milder than the SJW movement, but 9/11 and the subsequent War On Terror essentially killed it. It is possible that had 9/11 not happened, we could have gone through a less intense "SJW" phase in our culture during the early-to-mid 2000's, or had it not been for the Great Recession and Occupy Wall Street, the "edgy fedora liberalism" that seemed kind of the norm in the late 2000's could have lasted longer or had more permanence.

Either way, the turmoil of the Bush years essentially laid the framework for the current SJW culture wars nonsense of today.

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What if the end of the SJW movement will need some cataclysmic event like a war or economic crisis?

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What if the end of the SJW movement will need some cataclysmic event like a war or economic crisis?
Do you mean humanity LITERALLY GOING EXTINCT IN 2030 BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING or some libshit tard president being elected and kicking the hornet's nest by provoking China, Russia, and North Korea into war?
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It's hard to have outrage culture in a post-apocalyptic world?

But assuming WWIII or some other apocalyptic event doesn't happen, maybe the pendulum will swing back to the good old days of fundies thinking Satan is behind everything.
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