What Do You Have On Your Walls? -


just magic, ain't gotta explain shit
Inspired by the A&H thread about the catlady who turned her house into a feminist shrine. What do you have on the walls of the room you spend the most time in?

>Large (4') world map
>Bass guitar
>Two framed pictures, one of a Spitfire and one of a Fw 190, both signed by members of the local legion who flew in WW2
>a lamp
>chocolate brown curtains
>a naturescape


Poster of Zombie Flesh Eaters

Poster of Dawn of the Dead

Poster of The Beyond

Poster of Halloween

Poster of Jaws

Im lookin to add to the collection with Alien, The Thing, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and either Evil Dead or 28 days later posters
I have an Alien poster, Re-animator poster, Friday the 13th poster and a collection of signatures of horror movie actors.

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