• ”Is it not true he's trying to monopolize on the lolcow scene?”
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What do you like to do in your spare time?What do you say when asked?

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by SoapQueen1, Feb 3, 2019.

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no one can help you

  1. How would you describe your hobby of following lolcows to a stranger wanting to know what you like to do for fun?
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    SoapQueen1 speed bump, failed business, retired tism wrangler
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  2. "I like to look at internet crazy people because they've done some of the funniest shit I've seen in years."

    Usually people ask for specifics, but I've gotten a few weird looks for describing certain people.
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    Remove Goat

    Remove Goat brb autism fit

  3. The couple times I've been cornered into an explanation, I've relied on downplaying its seriousness to avoid follow-ups. "There's this stupid forum I like to frequent", "It just follows weirdos on the internet..."
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    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  4. Don't. Just don't.
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    MediocreMilt Trigger the libs. Own the libs.

  5. Why would I tell anyone IRL that I post here? For one, they wouldn't know what this site is. For two, it would be embarrassing as shit if they did.
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    wellthathappened One must imagine Sisyphus happy.

  6. "I help the militant alt-right murder defenseless trannies"
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  7. No one asks what I do for fun because I'm a stealth normie who blends in to the point that no one pays attention to me, but...

    ...if I had to I'd say something to the effect of, "the internet has given us the capability to gawk at weirdos in a manner more intimate than the daytime televised freakshows ever did and so I take a few minutes here and there to indulge my inner rubbernecker."
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    Pargon Mr. Self-Destruct

  8. I don't. I'm well aware this is a weird "hobby" to have and there's no need to talk about it. Having to explain what a lolcow is and why I'm on a forum that keeps track of them is just not worth it.
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  9. "You remember when Britney Spears had her meltdown? It's like that, but over a long term."

    I don't specify whether I'm watching the meltdown or having the meltdown.
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    #9 The Shadow, Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    The Shadow

    The Shadow Rapping genie with attitude

  10. I usually don't say anything, nor do I really have to. Even for people around me who don't really spend a lot of time on the internet, its not that hard for them to understand that there is tons of drama online.
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  11. I say I like Internet drama and people seem to understand that.
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  12. It would be dangerous if they did.

    There are people out there who have a religious hatred for this site. If you talk about the farms, then there's a possibility of making yourself known to those people.

    If asked, I just say internet gossip because that's what it is (except for the killing trannies part).
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    eldri oogity boogity boo motherfucker

  13. “It’s like a trashy episode of Jerry Springer, but it’s a legit person. It’s not an act and it’s a livestream.”
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    thebonesauce The North American Jape

  14. I don't tell people I go here because why the fuck would I?

    If someone finds out, I say it's like gawking at those people on Reality Shows, but its following with awful people instead of interesting people.
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    FatFuckFrank Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  15. The answer is obviously: "I detract."
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    Kosher Dill

    Kosher Dill Potato Chips
    True & Honest Fan

  16. I would hardly call coming here to analyze and laugh at Phil's dumb nonsense a "hobby".
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  17. I like to go nature hiking in the mountains. I prefer to be away from people when I am idle.

    Go outside and disconnect, get some fresh air.
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    Outer Party Member

    Outer Party Member 6079 Smith W

  18. I have mild panic attacks when I have spare time because I assume I have forgotten something deathly important to do. Sometimes I have nightmares about it. That’s why you’ll see me posting at odd hours. Or I’m drunk off my ass and trying to focus on something to keep the room from spinning.

    But what I tell people who aren’t mental health professionals is I send dick pics and videos of me getting sucked off to random sluts dumb enough to post their Snapchat name on dating apps. What amuses me the most are the dumb bitches who take a screenshot and then snap it out to all their friends asking them to report me. Without fail, a few of their friends hit me up for more material.

    Sometimes it’s their male friends but any port in the storm, y’know?

    Edit: meant to be in reply to @Outer Party Member
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    Commander Keen

    Commander Keen in GOODBYE GALAXY!!!

  19. "You know how you watch people doing stupid stuff on video or televsion like Jackass or You've Been Framed? Well replace that person with an idiot who does just as silly stuff except they don't get paid for it."

    You'd be surprised about how similar the LolCows are to watching people do stupid shit on television.
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    #19 Deus Ex Macarena, Feb 4, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    Deus Ex Macarena

    Deus Ex Macarena Lift Off For Love

  20. I probably wouldn't. I have other hobbies that would be easier to explain and understand.

    If I had to explain, I'd compare this to being similar to watching a reality TV series.

    I do have a couple friends IRL who know who Phil is, though. One hadn't watched him in a very long time so I broke the news to him that he jerked off on his stream.
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