What do you miss about Youtube - Inb4 everything

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AMV's, not having to worry about copyright bots, slideshow tribute videos made with Windows Movie Maker, soundboard prank calls, and just the amateur "lo-fi" vibe everything had back then.

You could just make a video ranting in front of a webcam or just goofing off in your backyard or whatever, and that was perfectly fine.

Nobody cared if it was amateurish or "cringe" or whatever, it was just a place to goof off and have fun.

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I miss the old channel designs, and how there was a much greater sense of community during the early days. When audiences were smaller, it was easier for popular channels to interact with their audience, and the ability to make video responses allowed smaller channels to have more of an impact.

Today, the popular channels are so massive that they practically drown out everyone else, and the increasing monetization of content has gradually sanitized it. YouTube no longer has the anarchic culture that it had during the early days, and a part of me misses that.


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I blame the nepotistic CEO for that.
It goes further beyond that though. YouTube is a loss leader for their parent company. They've been able to do that for a long time now to maintain a practical monopoly in online video content. They could never have kept doing that forever which is why they court business and nearly all the shitty policies they've put into practice are to encourage companies to invest in advertising and providing professionally produced content.


that i could look up cretin fight screens from a anime without the video being edited to hell and back just to avoid the copyright.

and the search engine being worthless. you only get the most mainstream stuff or videos you have already seen in the past (some not having to do with the thing you searching for) the system is fucking rigged.
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I really miss the original newgrounds-esque animations and vidya parody videos. The storytime animation shit in comparison is so fucking gay.

I also miss edgy and political content. Not even being able to swear without getting demonetized is just sad. Not sure if it still is the case, but for a while you literally couldn't even say the word "coronavirus" in your video without getting demonetized, which is fucking ridiculous for something so global and that affects literally everyone, politics be damned.

I would describe most big-time creators as corporate and soulless nowadays. You can tell many of them put on a facade because they have to keep the income going. Not that I blame them, I understand that's what they need to do to keep their livelihoods. I'm more disappointed in youtube's garbage policies on freedom of expression than any individual creators. The corporatization of it all has just completely destroyed people's creativity and individuality.

There are still some good creators out there, but they do it solely as a passion product and generally fall off due to burnout and not being rewarded properly for their effort. More than half the channels I'm subscribed to are inactive or deleted now. That's just the state of modern youtube.
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