What do you miss about Youtube - Inb4 everything


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I really miss the original newgrounds-esque animations and vidya parody videos. The storytime animation shit in comparison is so fucking gay.

I also miss edgy and political content. Not even being able to swear without getting demonetized is just sad. Not sure if it still is the case, but for a while you literally couldn't even say the word "coronavirus" in your video without getting demonetized, which is fucking ridiculous for something so global and that affects literally everyone, politics be damned.

I would describe most big-time creators as corporate and soulless nowadays. You can tell many of them put on a facade because they have to keep the income going. Not that I blame them, I understand that's what they need to do to keep their livelihoods. I'm more disappointed in youtube's garbage policies on freedom of expression than any individual creators. The corporatization of it all has just completely destroyed people's creativity and individuality.

There are still some good creators out there, but they do it solely as a passion product and generally fall off due to burnout and not being rewarded properly for their effort. More than half the channels I'm subscribed to are inactive or deleted now. That's just the state of modern youtube.
been sub to a channel since 2006 (that has been inactive since 2009) just to remember where i came from.

Autumnal Equinox

Finding people making videos who are genuinely passionate about their interests, not just trying to pander to normies or political spergs or corporate overlords to rake in that e-fame and those e-sheckles. You can still find creators who have that passion, and make content as a hobby or a side gig and aren't trying to be the next big internet celebrity, but they're at a great disadvantage when their channels are buried and search engines don't show their stuff until the 4th or 5th page.

It was nice back in the day getting movie and vidya reviews and theories and not having to deal with some soyfaced fake geek pandering to the Marvel crowd, or videos on tabletop without some autist screeching about how D&D and World of Darkness is totes problematic yo! Just nerds and geeks happy to talk about nerd and geek shit, no agenda attached.


I miss three things:

Absolutely banal content. I really miss being able to go down a rabbit hole of boring, pointless videos made by people for no fucking reason. People droning on about their day or star trek or whatever.

Originality. There were no rules and no monetization and that seemed to foster creativity. Now the site has settled on tried and true formats.

People uploading entire impossible to find records to YouTube. The videos would always consists of a still picture of the record itself.

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Youtube Poop is one of the main things I miss.

When you could find more copyrighted material on there, I remember watching a lot of Mystery Science Theater and Tales From The Crypt on there circa 2006.

When random browsing was more fun because it was less flooded with clickbait garbage.

The number of weird, random things you could find, there's so many weird videos I remember watching that are almost all gone now.

I don't think modern Youtube is a wash, there's still lots of very high quality content to be found there, but the old, wild west days were fascinatingly strange and I miss them.

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I miss being able to watch videos without sponsors (Nord VPN, Raid, etc.), making me have to skip ahead to avoid the shilling. I also miss videos that didn't have everyone and their dog begging for Paymeton bux. :roll:
I use an extension called sponsor block. It does a fine job skipping the sponsor shit, and even the merch plugs in a video.

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There was a time not too long ago when the site was directed towards serving the community it fostered rather than corporate interests. You can say farewell to that forever now.

I really miss classic youtube poops and AMVs. Even if 9 times out of 10 it was the same Linkin Park or Evanescence song. Also when there wasn't a designated "for kids" version of the site to feed very questionable shit to kids while their parents couldn't be bothered to actually be involved.

The green and red like/dislike bar. I know this is one of the least shittiest things about modern youtube, but I really hate how everything's all greyed out. It just looks ugly.

Also the freedom to say the n word
I'm sorry did you mean star ratings? I want to say the bar came around 2010 or so. Before then you rated videos 1 to 5 stars. In practice, most videos got a 5 or a 1. Maybe a 4.

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The fabled “weird side of Youtube”, that always intrigued me.

IIRC, the earliest YTP videos started out within the "weird side of YouTube" before it quickly ended up as the surrealist random access humor the genre is mainly known for.

Hell, looking back in 2007 back when we were still very much in the "Early YouTube" and there wasn't much of a political sphere at all (even the atheist liberals were kind of a niche thing) you'd occasionally see a lot of videos with Johnny Rebel songs (and similar 1960's "segregation country" music) made in Windows Movie Maker, and in a weird way it felt like an eerie forerunner to the /pol/ memes of the 2010's when I look back on it.

Johnny Rebel was very much part of the "weird side of YouTube" in the mid-late 2000's and you couldn't search for anything related to the American Civil War without at least one or two of his songs popping up by the second or third page of search results. Especially since a lot of actual Civil War-era songs from other artists got mislabeled as Johnny Rebel.

Most notably the Hoyt Axton recording of "I'm A Good Old Rebel", which is probably why that song became a meme at one point, especially with those long-deleted videos of Homer Simpson clips synced up to where it looks like he's singing the song.

On the opposite side, you also had the Black Hebrew Israelite wackos who had been there from the beginning, plus Zeitgeist: The Movie and David Icke's lizard people rants.

Honestly, Zeitgeist is probably one of the first things a lot of people think of when they think of the "Weird YouTube" of the site's early years.

This is probably my favorite video of the early YouTube era still around today, although it's a re-upload. I saw the original back in 2007


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The old channel layout. There was a time where you got to have your own chat room on your channel, and anyone could come in or you could set it only for friends - anyone could add videos to a playlist that would auto play in the chat room, kinda like twitch except the streamer is a yugioh abridged video. Miss that shit.