What do you think about piracy? - I'd see no problem with it depending on the source.

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Nov 11, 2021
Free flow of data is a beautiful thing.

Piracy forced Netflix and Steam and Spotify.
It's civil disobedience, it's freedom under responsibility.

It should remain illegal and it should remain socially acceptable and that's not a paradox.


Also the post above me is absolute gold.

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Aug 9, 2019
I used to buy things until the early 2010s, but with this "You own nothing, goy" approach to buying media, by way of digital downloads, DRM, and streaming? Hah! Fuck 'em!
The earliest thing for me was the clear push to digital media rather than offering an option of physical, along with digital. It's what really solidified my views around game piracy.

Another is fucking online only multiplayer content. Or their big push to kill used game stores. Or shit like the PS4 Tony Hawk game, where you buy the disk, and it's just a demo and DRM to access the content online. If I put my PS4 in the closet for a few years, I can't play the game because all the servers are long closed? Fuck all these bigger companies.

I was pirating music long before that, but still buying games regularly up until about 2010. Now it's few and far between. When I do buy, more often than not, I buy from pawn shops.

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Dec 9, 2019
I don't some gay moral philosophy about it. I just do it when it's convenient.
Pretty much this.

For instance, I really wanted to play Fatal Frame 2 the other day after not having played it for years. I could have A bought a PS2 or PS3, and then blow a couple of hundred bucks on a decent copy of the game OR I could emulate that sucker. My choice was clear.


Sep 21, 2021
Knock copyright back down to no more than life of the artist and I'll stop taking your shit without paying for it. I want to be able to buy your stuff on whatever the hell comes after Blu-Ray or maybe even tiny little plastic SD-like cards. Not fucking vinyl like it's 1975 or as an ethereal stream of diarrhea straight from some media conglomerate's digital asshole. When everyone is pretty much on the same page regarding these few items, wake me up: most of the trash being shoved out the doors of corporate America these days ain't even worth pirating, there is no FOMO I assure you.

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Aug 15, 2016
I used to pirate more when I was poor and I pirate less when I was no longer poor. I don’t have a philosophy behind it, I just want shit for free or an affordable price.