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Silent Hill 2 HD. Not sure if it's been postulated here but I'm convinced he played on Hard just so he could take a bigger shit on the game and intentionally piss everyone off, in the same contemptuous spirit that has him crushing water bottles into the mic. There's no way he doesn't know how beloved that game is and he obviously went in with no intention of immersing himself in the story or being anything other than his caustic, shallow self that is nü-Phil. I'm not even a huge SH fan but I wanted to see him catch a beating just for how obnoxious he was through the entire thing.
The the thing that's really fucked is that was his 2nd playthrough of Silent Hill 2 'HD Collection', which he called 'one of my favorite games of all time'. He had played the 'HD Collection' version 6 years previously and remembered absolutely nothing about the game. On his initial playthrough at the start he mentions he knows they fucked up the graphics and reskinned the game, and it's considered a horrible port and the worst version of the game, but said 'I don't give a shit, I just want to play it in widescreen ACK ACK ACK'. It was also the 2nd time he purchased the 'HD Collection' port as the 1st playthrough was on X-box 360 and his 2nd playthrough he bought the 'HD Collection' version available from the PS Store. I really do believe he chose to play it on Hard because of how much his chat was shitting on him that they would consider him playing it on Normal again worthless as in they would throw less money at him, the 1st time he played the game he sat in silence as Mary's letter to James was read and he actually made a review of the game afterwards (something he almost never does, he even titled it 'Special Vid') which was 16 minutes of him breaking down the plot, story elements, and gameplay that he then entirely forgot in a few years.
He entirely forgot every single thing he said in this video lol


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Almost every one of his playthroughs I can find something funny in it, even if it's just how bad he is. Whenever he gets mad and spergs out, or misses something really obvious, I get a laugh. When he's doing so bad I can't even comprehend it I don't bother getting mad or frustrated about it. Even his loud, gross commentary over cut scenes, while annoying, I just kind of accept as 'part and parcel of the experience', it's not like I watch Phil play to watch any kind of quality play through.

That being said, something about his original MGS3 run made me actually physically ill. No joke, I got straight up sick watching it. It was so bad, so offensive, it turned my stomach. MSG1 and 2 were also bad, but they didn't make me almost puke IRL bad.


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I don't play a ton of games so I need to be familiar with it to really understand just how badly he fucked up not unless it's really obvious.

The MGS games are up there for obvious reasons but for me it's his RE 4 playthrough. That game is pretty god damn easy to understand and he fucked up everything.

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His playthrough of HAWX. As someone who's played flying games/sims for nearly 20 years, I thought people who insist on flying using novice controls (tilting the stick right/left to turn) instead of using expert controls to turn (roll 90 degrees and pull up) were some of the worst self-handicapping scrubs out there.

DSP proved me wrong, since he tried to steer his plane on the first mission for nearly 20 minutes by just YAWING.

Seriously, this is one of the most underrated TIHYDPs out there.
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The Jak and Daxter trilogy was great for me.

To sum up the first game, he struggled because he thought the game had 'hidden' mechanics (Edit: it was simply double jumping with X and getting hang time by pressing O) that Leanna had to explain to him because he'd keep somersault vaulting off of every ledge. It also made me believe that Phil has depth perception issues, especially when you watch the other two games. Overall, he thought a game, that targeted a primarily young audience (but was still fun for anyone), was very challenging and should've laid out its mechanics in plain text format to him.

Jak 2 is incredible because Phil had the stamina to bullrush every mission. It is the epitome of how he tries the same method 20+ times until he tries a new approach or gets lucky with timing. A treat because Jak 2 was harder since the game wasn't generous with checkpoints and forced you to play by its rules.

5 years later after that ass kicking he finally played Jak 3, which is usual struggle with inputs, depth perception, and following directions.
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Jak II, RDR, RDR II, Spider Man PS1, DK Country, Spiderman PS4, Silent Hill 2 HD Collection, Modern Warfare 2, Simpsons Hit & Run, and NFS Payback; those are awful in my eyes. However, nothing can compare to the "chill" playthrough; which yes, I agree with the above that they absolutely herculean levels of awful. As awful as a lot of let's plays are; at least I'm more entertained with let's plays that have tryhard or bad gaming and/or gameplay skills topped with absolute ragequitting.
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All his Persona playthroughs were incredibly boring in the daytime parts and incredibly frustrating in the nighttime/combat parts. Constantly forgetting what shadows were weak against what type, constantly forgetting what his personas were weak against what type, etc. It was funny the first few dozen times but then you realized he is legitimately that stupid/uncaring.

I think Persona 5 tops the cringe factor for Phil with his extremely unfunny sex jokes, and the fact that he laughed at an attempted suicide victim. He also picked Persona 4 on the PS2 simply because he was too lazy to plug in his Vita for Golden that had more content and "fixed" some of the more frustrating aspects of vanilla. Of course, we all remember his Nyx ragequit that he restarted and grinded ON EASY a year later.


Every MGS after his 1st (but including his 1st as well). After his 1st play through, every game afterwards was done out of spite. He mocked the story, characters, mechanics, devolper(s), publisher, everything. Sometimes you can literally hear his jealousy of Kojima in his voice. He did his usual faggotry during his 1st play through and got so much shit for it that I think he only played all the others to antagonize the fanbase. Because that's all he has in his life.

But he liked those games. Sees why other people like them. Even though he mocked them and never once, not fucking once paid attention or gave them a fair try. Done purely for money and attention. And not the kind a LPer usually wants.

SoulsBourne/Sekiro is a very close 2nd though. Same story.

Should be grateful though, the shit show gave birth to TIHYDPs.


Black Mesa where he didn't understand how to crouch jump was pretty bad, but also funny as fuck watching him stacking up barrels and raging.

Resident Evil 0 on hard was pretty terrible also. Credit to the people who trolled him into picking hard mode.

Virtually any racing game he touches, he sucks at the majority of them because he doesn't seem to understand that going into corners full throttle will cause a car to lost control and whines that the car is "fish tailing" even when it isn't. Must be the only term he knows so applies it to every senario where the car isn't doing exactly what he expected it to.