What do you think this generation's "timeless classics" will be? -


Keeping up with the 'cool kids' it's quite evident that anything that gets meme'd to shit will stick around as 'classic.' Today's standards don't give too big of a shit about a song unless it's in a meme. Even fucking Evanescence got a sudden surge because it got meme'd. Hell, that was true of 'Ievan Polkka' even before this generation.

The kid that keeps yelling "play despacito" is going to get nostalgic over it in ten years.

The Internet was a mistake.


I was phone!
I think the problem is that stuff moves really fast now a days. Movies, songs, shows are popular till the next thing comes a long, and don't really have time to solidify in to pop culture. Sure there's a lot of good stuff out there but there's so much stuff that comes out so fast it gets lost.